7 Common Reasons for Being Late

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We have all done it. You said you would arrive at 7:30 and you end up leaving your house at 7:29. Your friends are asking where you are and you sent a “On my way” text as you are rolling out of bed.

For some of us, running late could be considered a fine art and there are a set list of reasons prepared for every time the clock keeps ticking.

Check out the list to prepare yourself to know when someone is just trying to buy themselves some time when running late.

Car Trouble

Running Late 1

If you do not live in the city, everything is normally a bit longer than a walk. So being that most destinations are driving distance, bosses, friends and coworkers can’t get too mad if you are having issues.

Whether it be that you need a friend to jump start your engine, you got a flat tire, or ran out of gas, car trouble is one of the most common reasons to be late.

The “I’m Two Minutes Away” White Lie

Running Late 2

So you have made lunch plans with one of your closest friends at your favorite little Italian spot at noon. But it’s 12:05 and you are leaving the house with a 10-minute drive in front of you.

A lot of people send that “I’m two minutes away” text message to buy them some time until they actually arrive.

Alarm Issues

Running Late 3

It is kind of difficult to get somewhere on time if you don’t wake up early enough to give yourself time to get ready and actually get there.

A lot of people have overslept from simply not hearing their alarm, the alarm not going off, or from forgetting to set that obnoxious beeping sound in the first place.

Technology can only help you zombie-like morning risers so much.

Trouble With The Pets/Kids

Running Late 4

So you have T-minus 15 minutes until Child A has to be dropped off to basketball practice, Child B has to be picked up from ballet, and you need to get your other shoe back from the dog.

Having a full household can get pretty hectic and a lot of people do normally understand when you tell it how it is when rolling up 5-10 minutes late.


Running Late 5

This is probably the top used reason when rolling into work a few minutes late and as you come into contact with the death stare from your boss.

“The rush hour traffic was extra bad today,” or “there was a serious accident” are things everyone has come into contact with at one point or another.

Just be careful on how often you use this because this reason will only work so many times before you start getting pulled into the boss’s office for a stern talking to.

Phone Call From Someone At Work

Running Late 6

When hanging out with friends, you blame your tardiness on a phone call that you simply had to take. You could say it was from your boss or another coworker regarding an issue that had to be discussed and dealt with right then and there. No one is going to argue with what makes you your living.

Bad Hair Day

Running Late 7

So you have got that humongous meeting or that big date that you have been waiting for months to happen and your hair just will not cooperate.

You cannot go up in front of all your bosses with a piece of hair sticking up like alfalfa, it will draw away focus. Just remember, mousse and hairspray should do the trick so you don’t keep everyone waiting too long.

Running Late Conclusion

Always set that early alarm and give yourself some extra time because no one wants to be known as the person who always arrives late in the group. It’s not a good look.

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