7 Awkward Situations While at a Friend’s House

We all love that occasional hang out, even when it is with that best friend that you could even have fun napping with. But being that most of them happen when we’re younger and basically broke, most seem to happen at either person’s home.

Friends Intro

So whether it could be just for dinner or a massive sleepover, there are always those awkward situations that are encountered when you are not in your own home.

Check out the list below of the most awkward moments you may encounter when over a friend’s house.

No Blanket

Friends 1

Whenever you have a sleepover and it is not your home, it is the host’s job to make sure you are completely comfortable during your stay.

However, it’s unbelievably awkward when they either forget to give you your own blanket, or give you one that is too thin and you are lying there feeling like you are trying to sleep in a frozen tundra.

That question of “How did you sleep?” the next morning might be just as uncomfortable to answer.

Getting Yelled At

Friends 2

Have you ever had to stand awkwardly to the side while your friend is in the process of getting in trouble? It gets even worse if the friend starts to argue back and it gets heated.

Every now and then, you’ll even hear, “Do you want me to send your friend home?” It’s just like, “What did I do?” while you sit there twiddling your fingers in the corner.

Bust Your Friend’s Lie

Friends 3

Every household is run differently. There are different rules and a wide array of what is considered acceptable depending on the type of parents you are dealing with.

So it could get uncomfortable when you start talking about that sick party you both went to last weekend when their parents were under the impression that you both had gone to the movies.

Not only are they in trouble, but it is now your fault.

Dying of Thirst

Friends 4

Nobody wants to be a needy guest because you will forever be remembered as that friend. But everyone hates sitting down catching up with the household while dying of thirst in the process. All you need is that deliciously cold glass of water, but it could be somewhat intimidating to ask.

Your Unknown Dietary Restrictions

Friends 5

Dinner over at a friend’s house can be super fun because you have the opportunity to experience a different style of cooking and at times, a completely different culture.

But how do you awkwardly let the parents know you are a vegetarian after the steak has already been prepared? You could always survive on only eating the sides but then you will eventually have to answer, “What’s wrong with the steak?”

Parents Complain About Their Child to You

Friends 6

So you show up to your friend’s place and everything is going smoothly until your friend leaves you alone with their parents for a few minutes when they step out for whatever reason.

Then you hear their mother say, “He can be such a brat sometimes,” or “How do you put up with her attitude?” Just nod politely and hopefully the moment will pass momentarily.

You Are Put in the Middle

Friends 7

So you are just chilling with your friend, watching a movie or playing video games when one of their siblings come in to wreak havoc.

They laugh, poke and get in the way until your friend has had it and tries to physically remove the little devil themselves. That’s when World War III ensues and is accompanied by shrieks and cries that can be heard throughout the house.

Of course it doesn’t end until the parents get involved. They listen to both sides which are vastly different. So then they turn to you and say, “What really happened?” My oh my, it’s uncomfortable.

Friends Conclusion

Ever over a friend’s house and experience a completely different uncomfortable experience? Let us know! Of course these will happen to everyone but hey, no one will do all that stupid stuff with you like a best friend. So maybe it’s worth it.

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