7 Common Mistakes That New Graduates Make

So you were just handed your Bachelor’s Degree, have moved out of your dorm, and now can only think one thing: “What now?”

Not to worry because all college graduates have lived through that awkward in-between stage and somehow had navigated their way through to the next step.

Here are some insider clues to take a look at so you can be a step ahead of the game before adulthood smacks you in the face.

Not Saving Up Money

College Graduates 1

Between student loans and newfound lack of a full-time job, it’s no secret that college graduates are the very definition of what it means to be broke.

That means, saving has to start now. It doesn’t mean that you can’t go out or do anything fun ever.

It just means that you have to be very picky with where you spend your money and may have to cut some of your old habits. That six dollar coffee may be delicious, but it’s killing your bank account.

Spending Your Time Only Looking For A Job

College Graduate 2

Don’t get me wrong, a full-time job is what every college graduate is desperately seeking, but the process can be somewhat time consuming.

Imagine sitting down for an interview six months after graduation and being asked, “What have you been doing for these past few months?” and all you have to say is, “Applying and Netflix.”

Don’t be afraid to look for internships or other part time opportunities that could hone you in on different skill sets that could eventually make you stand out from the rest.

Trying To Move Out Immediately

College Graduates 3

So you finally finished the most four grueling years of your life and have treated this momentous occasion as the official rite of passage into adulthood.

It’s time to move out and say bye to mom and dad so your life can get a jump start, right? NOPE.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with living at home right after finishing school, especially if you are not exactly sure what is going to come next.

This living arrangement can be stressful and an odd adjustment but it gives you time to figure things out in a household full of people that are only rooting for you to succeed.

Not Asking for Help

College Graduates 4

Everyone has lived through this awkward in-between phase that exists between college graduation and that prestigious moment when you can officially begin developing your career.

Don’t be afraid to ask for references or advice throughout the process because most likely, the resources around you are more than willing to help.

Not Monitoring What You Post on Social Media

College Graduates 5

Surely most of you have heard this more than once but it is more important now than ever to keep in mind that websites like Facebook and Twitter can hurt you just as much as they can help you.

Just like your friends, future employers can see your crazy keg stand pictures or that disheveled selfie that you don’t remember taking. Who would want to hire someone who portrays themselves like that?

Keep your pictures classy and professionally filtered. (A.K.A. no red solo cups visible!) A good question to ask before posting is, “Would I be ok if my Grandma saw this?”

Being Too Laid Back

College Graduates 6

This is not the time to sit back, relax, and rely solely on the internet applications to get the job done.

Do your research because your dream job is not going to come knocking on your door without some gold old fashioned elbow grease.

Network, attend job fairs, send out individually tailored resumes, and whatever else you can think of because it can only help steer you towards the right direction.

Being Impatient

College Graduates 7

Unfortunately, the new college graduates applying are the last thing on people’s minds.

Let’s face it, us graduates are at the bottom of the totem pole and will be kept waiting for weeks before hearing back for an interview or final decision.

Just be patient and remember that the process takes time. It will happen, just not overnight.

College Graduates Conclusion

Keep these tips in mind and just keep your hard work up relentlessly. It’s an awkward time of life but appreciate it before your days become inundated with work.

Featured Image: Bigstock


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