10 Signs You’re Ready to Head Back to College

It’s that time of the year again.

You’re packing up all of your necessary items for school—books, folders, autumn and winter clothes, backpacks, and more.

You’re spending your final days on the beach or in the pool soaking up the sun with your hometown friends before you all go your separate ways once again for the academic year.

However, you’re not as sad about summer coming to a close as you thought you’d be. Could you actually be excited for school, even though it means classes and homework and having to do your OWN laundry?

Here are 10 signs that you’re ready to head back to that beloved campus of yours.

1. You’ve gone from messaging your friends from school every so often to every single day about how excited you are to see them in a few days that the texts have gone from “I can’t wait to see you soon!” to “HOW MANY MORE MINUTES?”


2. You’re so bored at home now that you’ve found yourself sitting around doing nothing. You even think about maybe packing early. Who likes packing?


3. Your own room seems lonely without your roommate and dorm mates. You kind of miss having someone to talk and laugh with while eating some ice cream at 3am on a school night.


4. You begin counting down the days until move-in day. Only four more days, sixteen hours, twenty-seven minutes and thirty seconds left to go!

today's the day

5. You can’t find anything else on Netflix you’d like to watch, and you’ve already watched all of your favorite shows…twice or more.


6. You have almost a full list of things to do this semester and thinking about it just makes you giddy. Time for more adventures!


7. Even though summer means beach parties, pool parties, and lying out in the sun, you find yourself getting more excited for fall and all it comes with—hoodies, changing colors outside, cooler weather, Halloween, and pumpkin.

autumn and halloween

8. You begin to look through photos from the previous years at college, feel nostalgic, and get that yearn to get back as quickly as possible to do the whole school/friends thing ALL over again.


9. Your snapchat score is overwhelmingly large and your best friends on the app are, as assumed, your friends from school. The “I MISS YOU” snapchats are sent often, along with texts.

miss you

10. Whenever someone asks you if you’re excited to head back to college for another year, your emotions are all over the place, so you respond like this:

excited sad

So if you’re feeling nostalgic, excited, nervous, happy, and sad all at once, don’t worry. The school year is right around the corner!

Featured Image: Bigstock


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