8 Foreign Dishes You Must Try

Foreign Dishes Intro

The love for food is universal but have you ever stepped out of the box and tried something new?

The problem is, there are so many different types of food to try out there that it can get a bit difficult to sort through the massive amount of options laying in front of you.

Well here is the perfect list to use throughout your lifetime to taste some dishes that you will never be able to forget.

Nem Nuong Cuon – Vietnam

Foreign Dishes 1

These popular spring rolls are grilled pork sausage wrapped in rice paper with lettuce, cucumber, carrot, a mild-flavored winter radish known as daikon, mint, and a secret sauce on the side.

This delectable treat can be found all over the world at food carts and are normally eaten early in the morning or late at night.

Some of the most popular places to try this dish are at Com Tam Thien Huong in San Jose, California or the Brodard Restaurant in Garden Grove, California.

Cevapcici – Balkan States

Foreign Dishes 2

Are you salivating yet? That is because the people of Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, and Montenegro know what good food is.

Depending on the area, this dish can be made with pork, lamb, beef, or a combination of the three and can be broiled, grilled, or fried.

About 5-10 small pieces of your preferred type of meat are served with homemade bread and an irresistible spread with red roasted peppers and garlic called ajvar to make sandwiches.

Poutine – Canada

Foreign Dishes 3

This dish adds a whole new meaning to disco fries. You know what I’m talking about: crispy French fries topped with greasy gravy and fresh mozzarella cheese.

Poutine disposes your taste buds to the addicting combination of french-fries, brown gravy, and the unique ingredient: cheese curds.

You won’t be able to get enough. Interestingly enough, in the not-so-distant past, celebrities would avoid eating this dish in public because of its association to the working class.

Well not anymore! Chefs are now adding different assortments of meats and caramelized onions to bring this dish to the next level.

Completo – Chile

Foreign Dishes 4

If you have a rather large appetite, this is the perfect dish for you.

This Chilean hotdog is twice the size of the ones you see in America and it is topped with tomato, sauerkraut, mayonnaise, chile sauce, cheese, and the most important ingredient: avocado.

Their avocados are the must-try food of the area due to the natural climate that protects the fruit that is used to tie this bountiful dish together.

Bandeja Paisa – Colombian

Foreign Dishes 5

This cuisine is a plate full of flavors and will never leave hungry.

The typical combination normally includes red beans cooked with pork, white rice, ground meat, fried pork fat, some style of egg, plantains, cheese, flatbread made of ground maize dough, a sauce which is made with a variety of onions, tomatoes, garlic, cumin & salt which is called hogao, black pudding, and lemon.

All of these ingredients are served on a large oval plate because of the large amount of food. I challenge you to finish it all.

Saag Paneer – India

All this dish needs are three simple ingredients: spinach, paneer cheese, and then a variety of spices depending on your personal taste.

This vegetarian dish takes little time to prepare and if you have trouble finding paneer cheese, tofu is the perfect substitute because it is of the same consistency.

Lobster Rolls – Boston, U.S.A

Foreign Dishes 7

If you are a die-hard seafood fan, you have got to give this meal a try. Start out with a lightly toasted and buttered hotdog-like bun.

The thicker the bun, the more meat it can hold. Then, you can fill the bun with a mix of tail, claw, and knuckle lobster meat.

Each place varies on exactly what they put in their lobster roll but common ingredients include diced celery, scallions, butter, mayonnaise, salt, pepper, and lemon.

Now add some french-fries and a pickle and this bad boy is ready to be eaten!

Ktefa – Morocco

Of course there is a must-try dessert for all of you with a sweet-tooth out there.

This dish has very thin layers of crispy thin pastry leaves known as warka, with sweetened almonds and a sweet custard sauce called creme anglaise.

You’ll have a dessert to die for and you’ll smell the everlasting scent of orange flower water even after you’re finished.

Take a taste of every dish on this list and let us know what you think below.

Find another dish that you think other people with adventurous taste buds would really enjoy? Let us know in the comments!


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