Face It: The Struggles of Skincare

It’s hard taking care of your skin and the struggle is real.

Everyone’s skin is different. Obviously. But what you probably don’t know is what your skin type is what the best way is to care for it.

It’s taken trial and error since I grew into adult acne when I was 18, until now, 23, when I finally sort of got the hang of my face’s fickle needs.

Growing up in a generally holistic household, my pimples and dry/oily skin, didn’t become a problem until it became less of a “time of the month” occurrence and more of a constant battle of fending off my fingers.

Remember that almost every facial product is “dermatologist tested,” but they aren’t the dermatologist who has actually seen and evaluated your face.

Unless you’re one of those confusingly talented makeup tutorial girls, I don’t know how much of us actually know what we’re doing.



What took the biggest toll on my skin was foundation/concealer. To cover up my current pimples, sporadic across my jawline/chin and nose/cheek areas, I blindly walked into the makeup isle and chose whatever makeup commercial item I remembered most.

I chose liquid L’Oreal True Match foundation. The cake batter seemed to do its job. That is, until I consistently got deep, painful cystic acne in the same places I applied makeup to and a vicious cycle began.

All hope was regained when my mom decided to share her BareMinerals knowledge with me. I was saved. BareMinerals feels lightweight and looks natural on my skin without any harsh chemicals.



I attempted to try over the counter remedies first, and unless you don’t need a medically induced cream to alleviate cystic acne, lucky you.

I used St. Ives, but it only left me smelling like a peach. I tried Clearasil wipes that my friends used before bed, which left a tight burn after each use due to the high alcohol content.

I tried Aveeno face wipes that my neglectful dermatologist recommended, too.

Salicylic acid, an active ingredient in many skin-care products, opens clogged pores to neutralize the bacteria within, ergo preventing them to clog again.


Unfortunately, I quickly saw the consequences of using of any scrubs, cleansers, pads, and creams: I have the most sensitive skin known to mankind. I broke out, dried out, itched, blotched, and soothed rashes.

By testing out friends’ moisturizers and countless doctor prescriptions, I discovered that I have a combination skin type. I try using the least complicated products as to not create a circus on my face.

CeraVe and Neutrogena are the most calming moisturizers I’ve used, and Epiduo is what maintains my complexion and keeps the pimples at bay.

I rationally dab them on my problem areas after washing my face before bedtime. But with each, my face had to go through an adjusting period, experiencing all of the side effects that are labeled on all facial products.



Wash your makeup off before you go to bed, quit smoking, and drink lots of water.

Alcohol, smoking, and the sun affect your skin. It’s terribly difficult keeping that in mind while enjoying any of the three. But how much worse would it be when your face is prematurely aging before your eyes?

After a night of partying, my morning skin, which is usually smeared with makeup, is dehydrated, blotchy, tired and loose. College left its mark.

Don’t pick at your face.

It’s so hard, I know, but it only makes it worse, and you know it. I also thoroughly believe you are what you eat. When I come across an overly bothersome blemish, I use a hot compress or ice cube in a napkin to reduce the swelling and redness.

Eat healthy!

Fatty foods and dairy products are detrimental to your skin, especially those with acne.

Wear sunscreen.

A family member of mine recently said to me, “You can’t reverse skin damage unless you marry rich.” So, there.

You’ll thank yourself later.

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3 Comments on Face It: The Struggles of Skincare

  1. QUITE insightful,……so gonna feature this on my blog. i have been battling with acne for sometime now but just got rid of it with Neutrogena acne deep wash which contains benzyl perioxide. Have to share it with my readers

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