9 Reasons to Date an Older Man

Dating older isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There are perks to it!

Age is just a number. Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart know it. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively do too. When’s there’s a connection between you and another person, that’s all you see.

You probably think that the guy who’s mature, opens the car door for you, treats you like a princess and has insurance, is too good to be true.

However, my ladies, the prime age of 30+ is the glory age. Stop waiting for the boys to get over themselves and broaden your dating horizons to older men.

Mom and Dad might have a coronary, but in time, they’ll see how he treats you and that’s what parental units care most about.

Yeah he may have had his first legal drink the same time you listened to SmashMouth’s “All Star” on repeat, but you’ll laugh about that later. Here’s why you should date an older man.

He Knows How to Treat a Woman


Chivalry does still exist? Yep. You’ll find it in men who grew up by their mothers’ standards: opening car doors, pulling out your chair, paying for dinner, taking you to museums and parks, and calling you.

He’ll call asking if you need anything from the store while he’s there. He’ll gladly indulge in a Netflix marathon with a bottle of wine and shove cake into your face because it makes him happy making you happy.

He Wants to Know the Real You


I read somewhere that if a boy you hold hands with gives you butterflies and heart palpitations, he’s not for you. If you hold a man’s hand and you feel safe and breathing is easy, he’s the one.

I’ve put so many guys on a pedestal and lost myself when I felt like I had to be someone I thought my guy wanted. Older men don’t have the ironically insecure expectations our generation has created.

He Doesn’t Play Games


No more wondering when or how to text him, or thinking that ignoring his texts gets you anywhere but paranoid. Games are for amateurs and those who enjoy the pain of their heart falling into their butt every time a guy decides to send a “Yo” message. Older men prefer a phone call.

He’s Responsible and Knows What He Wants


He’s been through what you’re going through already: the incessantly indecisive limbo of what you’re going to do with your life. He’s had years of practice being an adult.

He can file taxes, pay bills, and has his own place. He’s stable, comfortable, and ready for the big C: commitment. He knows what he wants in life, and there’s a good chance it’s you.

Sex is YES


Boys have a hard time in figuring out how to make a girl feel good. The men know what they’re doing, not just saying so.

A.K.A he knows what and where your G-spot is. And you thought by this time it was a figment of your imagination.

Much of his enjoyment comes from pleasing you. You don’t you need to push out a (fake) orgasm just because it’s the guys’ turn. Sin!

You’ll keep an older man around even if it is just for the blood-rushing-to-your-head kind of pleasure and post-coital intimacy.

He’s Not Just Looking for a Hook-up


He’s had his heyday, and it was probably when you were introduced to the impossibilities of fractions.

It’s a given that he’s ecstatic that he scored the chance to date a beautiful girl who’s considerably younger, but that reassures the fact he doesn’t want to lose you.

So instead of empty conversations with boys who lure you with vodka cranberries and take you home to “watch a movie,” a man of age wants to see you after the first date, and again after the fifth.

He will respect you for wanting to wait to get intimate, and in turn, frees you from guilty feelings about boundaries.

He’s Comfortable with His Sexuality


Boys can be so insecure with their sexuality that after every borderline feminine comment they make they jump to reassure everyone “No homo,” which is a way of protecting their masculinity.

A man who can say he thinks Caitlyn Jenner is prettier than they’d expect without getting defensive is a man who knows he’s not gay.

You’re Both on the Same Maturity Level


You were ready for this kind of commitment since you tried asking out that boy in middle school, while boys our age still can’t figure out whether they want all the girls or to order his eighth Fireball shot. An older man just gets you.

He Doesn’t Have Dating FOMO


You know, when you always think there’s someone hotter, cooler, better? The grass is usually turf or severely under watered on the other side.

Boys think the dating pool has infinite depths. Don’t worry, they’ll drown.

Be open minded. There may be points where he experiences a life obstacle you’re years from understanding.

But loving and supporting your partner should be through thick and thin– even if that means their hair.

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