Tough Love: Lessons You Won’t Learn in the Classroom

There’s so many important lessons they don’t teach you in class.

There are lessons you can learn in school that aren’t academic and will stay with you longer than equations for algorithms. Unfortunately, they’re taught by Life, who we know can be a b*tch.

It may take you a few months out in the real world to realize how impacting these lessons can be, but you’ll be left with a passing grade in wisdom and peace.

Not Everyone is Your Friend


Unfortunately. You’d think incoming freshmen are pumped to make new friends, knowing that college is a time for maturing.

Often however, many of them arrive with friends from home, already swaddled by the comfort of entering a new world with bestie.

The trick is to not hold on to expectations of people. More times than not, they will come short. Going in with an open mind, you may find shiny tin that may rust or you’ll find gold.

Beware of Roommate Catfish


Cute on the outside, douchelord on the inside. A pretty girl on Facebook who seems nice enough for you to ignore her obsession with Justin Bieber may make you feel lonely, unappreciated, and crazy—just because you’re different.

Random roommates usually go without a happy ending but keep your senses when looking for a mate to room with and accept them for what and who they are, even if they steal your Ho-Ho’s.

The College Mindset is Not for the Faint of Heart


Many students have the Hollywood impression of college and base their experience on that illusion. There are people, who will break plans, one-night stand you, and use you—for rides, your test answers, alcohol, money, or because you know a guy who knows a guy.

A selfish mentality corrodes our compassion. It’s easy to turn to the dark side but remember: Anakin kind of lost all of his friends and became half robot.

“Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket”


My mom has told me this, time and time again. And do we listen to our moms? Yeah, me neither.

I invested all of my time in friendships I thought were mutual (many of which were toxic) only to be let down by their insincerity and stubbornness to compromise.

Once that basket was empty, so was my car on the way to the bar. Befriend the girl next to you in history class, knock on your neighbors’ door, and join the snowboarding club. You may find friends in low places.

Prepare for Alone Time


You will walk to class alone. You will sit on the bus by yourself. It’s called independence. Don’t be afraid to eat lunch in the company of iTunes. It is neither scary nor do you look like a loser.

In fact, you’ll be more prepared to eat lunch alone in a cubicle than those from school who couldn’t even make it to the bathroom without a hand to hold.

Those Who Don’t Matter Still Mind Your Business


Even in a university of 20,000 students you’ll find yourself recognizing every other person you pass on campus—sophomore year hall-mate, the frat star you kissed at the party last weekend, and the fling gone wrong that you can never live down.

News travels. It’s annoying, but come to peace with the fact that people will never cease to talk about you. Take it as a compliment and go about your day.

Decisions You’ll Regret and Mistakes You Won’t Forget


Take them with a grain of salt; accept that there was a lesson to learn all of the four times you puked on campus because $3 rails. Don’t beat yourself up about wishing you spent more time learning from your favorite professor.

Own up, take responsibility and apologize when you hide your roommates’ phone because it’s funny seeing her freak out. The sooner you take accountability for your actions, the better.

Don’t Burn Bridges


Screwing up is a part of life, but your graduation experience will be much smoother if you don’t sleep with your friend’s boyfriend or have delusions of alienation. In these instances, think before you drink.

This lesson is a consequence of neglecting to practice the one above.

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