4 Ways to Understand and Embrace Introversion

Being an introvert is often a tabooed personality trait, especially when it seems as though we live in a world where only extroverts are in the spotlight.

As an introvert, I know that it can be easy to let this be a discouragement and keep you from working your way up to the place you want to be, but introversion doesn’t have to be that way!

Many people are under the misconception that introverts can’t make friends, won’t become effective leaders, will have trouble influencing people, and are not equipped to interact with people around them. In reality, there are many leaders and outgoing introverts.

Before we take a look inside embracing introversion, there must be clarification for what being an introvert means.

According to the Myers & Briggs Foundation—a foundation that specializes in assisting people in determining their personality type—introverts are more reflective, idea-oriented and dealing with things in their “inner world.”

Introverts typically do not mind being alone and favor having a few close friends rather than having a large circle of friends.

The definition does not limit an introvert to that specific description and neither do the false or misconstrued definitions given by people who don’t understand what introversion is.

So, introverts out there, take heart. Here are several ways to embrace your misunderstood trait and see it as a strength.

Do not default to behind-the-scenes work

Leaders are not defined by their results on the Myers-Briggs personality test but by their actions and influence.

There is nothing wrong with behind-the-scenes work if that is what your preference is, but introverts should not feel as though they must shy away from desired leadership positions simply because of this label.

Introverts should strive to achieve their goals despite any test results.

Introversion does not equate to being anti-social

This is often a misconception among both introverts and extroverts. Introversion simply means that rather than being energized by human interaction, it may cause them to become more easily drained.

An introvert can be a people-person; it just may not stimulate them in the same way that it stimulates extroverts.

Point number three will go into further detail on how introverts gain energy.

Learn how to get energized

Introverts typically find their energy spending time alone, having a time of reflection or in a quiet environment.

Experiment with different methods of gaining energy and find the one that fits this personality trait.

Remember that the definition of introversion is a generalization

No two people have the same exact personality. Introverts should learn how this definition fits into their personality and not let this definition define who they are.

Huffington Post states that well-known people such as Abraham Lincoln, J.K. Rowling, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein and Emma Watson are introverts!

So don’t be discouraged, being an introvert should not cripple you but be a source of empowerment. Embrace who you are and explore your personality so you can better understand yourself.

Featured Image: PressFoto


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