5 guys you’ll meet in college

A big part of college is meeting new people — people that share your interests and people that don’t. Each person, though, will give you a new perspective into college life and yourself.

We have a list of five guys you’ll probably meet through the years.

The Frat Star

Polo shirts, pastel shorts and Sperry shoes. This guy can typically be found at his fraternity house throwing a football or with his brothers drinking at the bar.

For him, college is all about partying and having a good time. He’s dedicated to his brothers and he knows where all the coolest parties are on a Saturday night.

The Super Senior

Sometimes referred to as the slacker. He’s changed his major a few too many times and it has left him doing his senior year over and over again.

While he says he’s just living up his college years, he’s probably just afraid of growing up — but who isn’t? This guy is great for class advice because he knows just which classes to take and which professors to avoid.

The Jock

Whether he’s on the school team or just plays intramural, this guy has got serious game and he knows it. He wears his school colors proud — and why wouldn’t he?

His spot on the team makes him well-known, so he has tons of friends on campus.

Sometimes he can be a little hard to find since he’s always juggling classes and practice, but that’s just part of the hard work and dedication that keeps him going.

The Hipster

The super artsy guy that doesn’t follow the trends and sips on hot tea in your 8 a.m. class.

He wears big-framed glasses and is great to have an intellectual conversation with, even if you don’t always know what he’s talking about.

If you go to a liberal arts school, there are probably tons of these guys walking around campus. The great thing about him is that he can introduce you to a whole bunch of cool places you never would have found on your own.

The Brain

Seriously, he’s one of the smartest guys you know. Learning just seems to come naturally for him. He can literally pick up anything the professor throws at him and sometimes, it really gets on your nerves.

Instead of envying him, befriend him. Since he’s great at schoolwork, he’s a good study buddy. You can typically find him in his dorm writing a paper or at the library studying.


Of course, these are only a handful of guys you’re destined to meet in college. There are plenty of other people out there, and you should seek them out, too.

Whether you have common interests or not, meeting people in college is a crucial part of making connections and ultimately learning about yourself by being exposed to different types of people.

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1 Comment on 5 guys you’ll meet in college

  1. Your best bet is to hang out with the hipster

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