His Side: Who pays for dinner?

Ladies, it’s time for you all to foot this bill and the next, and how’s about this one right here. I’d like a double cheeseburger, a large order of fries and a large Coke. You got it, right babe? Wrong. This is a common misunderstanding made by men, or as I like to call them, idiots.

Fellas, it’s almost never okay to ask your lady to cover the tab, or at least insinuate you don’t have enough money to cover it yourself. I mean, honestly, it’s a hassle but that’s why you take your girlfriend out to someplace affordable.

It’s okay to break your wallet for one night only or every now and then, but if you plan on making this a routine thing, you’d better make sure it’s coated in steel or something.

I’ll say this much, it’s never not okay to assume she may want to cover the bill for you. You’ve been working hard, you’ve been dying to get out but don’t have the time and she wants to do something for you for a change.

There are special occasions where you normally wouldn’t be expected to pay for a bite to eat.

Example, you ask? Birthdays are always a big excuse for guys to ditch the bill, and from secondhand accounts, it’s pretty inarguable. What about October 18, namely Sweetest Day (which is generally celebrated by women anyways, right?), no man that I know even considers this to be a holiday worth celebrating.

Other than that, us guys have a limited selection of days where we don’t feel obligated to pay for you girls.

Whereas you all have Valentine’s Days, your own birthdays and roughly 364 days of the year (his birthday excluded) are devoted to treating you to the luxuries the McDonald’s Dollar Menu has to offer.

To put it frank, paying for dinner is essentially an unspoken contract between man and woman that isn’t always in favor of the fellas. Still, when in doubt, compromise. It’s always the best way to go!

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