6 ways to deal with your friends getting married

At this age, it seems to be happening more and more often — you log onto Facebook and see  someone else has gotten engaged. But what happens when that someone is your friend … and you’re still single?

We have a few tips for keeping your cool while your friend(s) get ready to walk down the aisle.

Accept the jealousy.

Being jealous of your newly engaged friend is normal. It’s better to just accept that outright. But sometimes, the root of jealousy is actually fear.

Ask yourself: Are you really jealous of what your friend has, or are you worried that your friend’s new marriage will alter your friendship?

Instead of being fearful of the future, try to enjoy the present. Change can be scary, but it’s also a part of growing up.

Share your feelings with her.

If your friend getting married is causing you some serious anxiety, let her know. If the two of you are close, your friend will sense something is going on, so it’s better to be upfront with her.

Let your friend know you’re happy for her, but you’re worried about how it will affect your friendship. Your friend will appreciate your honesty in the long run.

Don’t throw a pity party.

While it’s okay to be a little bit jealous, don’t go into a downward spiral, feeling bad for yourself. Not only is it unfair to your friend, but it’s unfair to you.

Think positive thoughts instead of asking yourself questions like, “What’s wrong with me?” You’re awesome; it’s just not your moment yet!

Be honest with yourself.

Even though you may be jealous of your friend finding someone, you need to be honest about whether or not you’re ready to settle down, too.

You have your whole life ahead of you. Don’t rush into anything if you don’t truly believe you’re up for it.

Help with the wedding preparations!

Though you’re feeling bad about it right now, you’ll regret not being a part of your friend’s big day. Whether it’s being part of the wedding or simply helping out with little details, it’ll show your friend you’re there for her.

Be patient.

This is probably the hardest one to follow, but it’s true. It may not be your time, but that’s okay.

In the meantime, put your thoughts elsewhere. Rather than looking for the right person, work on making yourself the right person.

Focus on being your best self and do what makes you happy. When it’s meant to be, it will happen.


It may be hard to wrap your mind around it all at once, but remember to be supportive. Your friend’s wedding is one of the biggest events of her life, so be happy for her!

You’ll have a much better time once you quit worrying about things and just let them be.

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