Making the most of your summer internship

It’s June, and for a lot of college students, that means the beginning of a summer internship. Summer internships are great learning experiences because there are far less distractions from schoolwork, so you can put your sole focus on your work and the internship experience.

While internships vary by type and location, they’re all important to college students and beneficial for résumés. As you approach your first day, keep these tips in mind to ensure you make the most of this experience!

Do your research.

Don’t walk into your first day blind. Get to know the company before you start by browsing their website, getting in contact with your boss, and following them on social media. You will feel far more prepared and at ease once you’ve done the research.

Set goals for yourself.

The internship will go by quicker than you think, so make a plan for yourself now. What do you want to get out of this internship? What do you want to learn? Once you’ve answered questions like those, create a daily plan for yourself to achieve your goals.

Make a good first impression.

Of course, you want to start your internship on the right foot. Be sure to dress appropriately, be polite, and work hard.

Learn the office culture.

See how the office works, how the people around you interact, and follow suit. Understanding the office environment will help you stand out against other interns by doing things in accordance with the company.

Get to know your fellow interns.

Not only is your supervisor a great connection, but so are your fellow interns. Chat with them, grab lunch together, and exchange numbers. It will make your experience more enjoyable when you have group of people your age to hang out with.

Work hard.

One of the best ways to make this internship a great experience is by doing well. Don’t be afraid to put your all into it. Remember this internship is also a job, so take your work seriously.

Ask for feedback.

When you complete assignments, ask for feedback from your supervisor. While constructive criticism can sometimes be tough to take, it will help you in the long haul. You will improve your skills and learn how to do the job correctly.


As you start your internship this summer, keep these tips handy to make it the best experience possible. Just remember to keep a good balance of work and play.

This internship is a job, but it’s also supposed to be rewarding. Work hard, make connections, and learn new things!



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