Taylor Swift and Lorde’s alliance

Lorde and Taylor Swift have created an alliance, you guys. In other words, the world is completely about to toss upside down.

Honestly, I genuinely like Taylor, but there’s something shady about her friendship with Lorde.

Am I the only one hoping the two don’t collaborate? Sure, they’re practically made for one another in that they both have one over the throng of teenage girls across the globe with their terribly catchy tunes but this combination is like oil and water.

Furthermore, this friendship has the potential to disturb the cosmos. I mean think about it, every relationship Taylor’s had has turned from a simple, “Hi, nice to meet you. Let’s date, or be friends or something,” into another track on her next album, mainly dissing those who’ve separated from her.

It’s just all too childish, and oddly enough, for Taylor to be the elder BFF Lorde has all of the maturity and grace of a 23-year-old.

I’m practically waiting for this breakup to happen. I can see it now, “BREAKING NEWS: Lorde and Taylor Friends No More Due To Fight Over Petnames”. It’s totally possible, right? Not to mention juicy.

I’d like to see who fans will side with more now that Lorde is practically pushing every other artist to the sidelines with her music and new-found fame. Let’s not forget that one time when Taylor thought she won a Grammy–the girl is a total poser and attention seeker.

I would love to see Lorde weasel her out by the end of the year, their blowout has the potential go down in history, unlike that premeditated Nicki and Mariah feud no one remembers anymore.

In all seriousness though, this friendship seems like another one of Taylor’s hoaxes. She’s probably only getting close enough to Lorde to mooch off of her songbook or more realistically, raid the little girl’s closet for a fashion upgrade.

No matter what, I’m #teamlorde and I really do hope the girl gets out of this fake-lationship before Taylor starts writing their breakup record.

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