Advice based on the science of attraction

Some say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but science may disagree.

The science of attraction is something that psychologists have been exploring through various studies for years, and I’m about to let you know what has been proven to increase attractiveness!

Great fashion and make-up can only get you so far. If you really want to get the attention on you, you should…

Wear red.

Red is a color associated with power and confidence.

In a 2010 study at the University of Rochester, researchers found that when presented with photos of a woman either wearing red or blue, men tended to find themselves more attracted to the woman when she was wearing red.

This is not all that surprising considering the erotic associations that we already hold with the color red. Between red light districts, red lipstick, and red roses, the hue has long been associated with romance and sex.

So, if you’re really trying to grab someone’s eye, try going for a little red number instead of the classic LBD.


In a 1981 study published in Social Psychology, researchers found that when subjects were presented with photos of a person’s face who was smiling or not smiling, the smile was consistently rated as more attractive.

Additionally, when people smiled in their photos, they were rated as more intelligent, and generally seen as more positive. Next time you catch a glance of a hot guy across the bar, flash a friendly grin and see what happens.

Make eye contact.

In a psychological study on eye contact and pupil dilation, scientists found that members of both sexes prefer a potential partner with larger pupils when given a choice.

And here’s another great fact – our pupils dilate when we’re aroused at all, which means if you’re looking at a person you find attractive, that’s what your pupils are going to do.

So, if dilated pupils are more attractive, and looking at someone you find attractive makes your pupils dilate, then just by making eye contact with your target could make you more attractive to him or her!

I’m not suggesting you creepily stare at one person all night or engage in a staring contest with someone you don’t really know, but catching the eye of someone or being particularly attentive during a conversation can certainly work in your favor.

Imitate mannerisms.

Please don’t start a game of Monkey See, Monkey Do or copy someone’s every movement. That’s weird. But it has been proven that people prefer those who subtly match their gestures.

We tend to fall into sync with and imitate people we are attracted to. This likely stems from a sense of empathy for that person. This is also a great tip for interviews. If you act a little like the interviewer, he or she is more likely to have a positive perception of you.


Next time you’re worried you don’t look your best, remember it’s not all about your style. You’ll be perceived as more attractive if you just remember to follow some of the above tips!

Being friendly, attentive and confident are always great bits of advice for being attractive to people.

Featured Image: Depositphotos


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