How often to visit home

Going away to college is one of the many chapters in a person’s life. It is a big change that can be difficult to adjust to, for anyone. Many students become home sick. It is normal to feel that way after being away at school for any amount of time.

You begin to miss the feeling of being at home in your own room and being able to spend time with the family.

Deciding on how much to go home throughout a semester is entirely up to you, but here is some advice to help make that decision.

Visit home and still enjoy college.

Going to school relatively close to home will still allow for an easy commute, but gives the feel of the full college experience. The comfort of knowing that you are not too far from home can make the move to college a lot easier.

Trying to limit the visits home is a good way to make sure you still make the time to stay at school and enjoy yourself. If there is a special occasion going on at home, try to plan your weekend visit around that.

For example, if your family is having a big birthday party for your grandmother, go home for it and stay the night.

A quick visit home can do a person good. Do not view going home as a bad thing.

Do I visit home too much?

There are also a number of factors that go into visiting home. Depending on how far away you live, the amount of visits home may not be that often.

If you decide to go to school in California and you live in New York, major holidays may be the only time that you visit home. Only visiting home a few times a year may not bother some people.

While for others, going home a few times a year is not enough. This may cause them to dislike being so far away and if that is the case, there is always the option to transfer home.

How can I get home?

Another thing to think about while figuring out when to visit home is transportation. Not many schools allow first or second year students to have a car on campus. Therefore, visiting home may be limited for that reason.

Fortunately, there are many forms of public transportation. It just takes time to figure out which form gets you home faster and doesn’t cost you a fortune to take.

A train may be easier than a bus, or if your ride is not too far, a taxi would work as well. Planning your visits home ahead of time is definitely encouraged.


Visiting home is important for college students and their families. Everyone will have their own opinions on how much they want to go home.

Communication is extremely important with family and friends back home, it will help you feel better if you miss home.

Many people believe that going home too much can ruin the college experience. That is not true, unless you let it.

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