Being a commuter student

Commuting to college on a daily basis can be quite different and difficult to adjust to. The college experience is very different for students that live at home and drive to campus each day than for students who live on campus.

The perks

Depending on the kind of person you are, living at home and commuting to your college classes may be what makes you more comfortable.

There are definitely perks about being a commuter student and living at your parent’s house for free (at least hopefully for free).

Look at it this way, your mom is your R.A. and as corny as that may sound, it could really work out in your favor.

Having your mom as your R.A. is a totally different experience. In most people’s case, your mom is your best friend.

She will most likely give you a lot more freedom than you would receive in a resident dorm and she is always there for encouragement. Living on campus, your R.A. is not going to be available 24/7, like your mom is.

Having your family right there throughout your college experience is a much better support system than a student who lives on campus in the dorms and has family that is two hours away.

Some more small perks of being a commuter student is you are more likely to avoid gaining the “Freshman 15”. Having a home cooked meal as often as you want is definitely better than the greasy food that the school cafeteria offers.

The best perk of all is you can shower without wearing flip-flops! Commuting will keep you away from a world of germ-infested bathrooms and believe it or not, wearing flip flops in the shower does get old and can even make you feel dirtier than you did when you got in.

Commuter students save a lot of money as well. Typically, the cost of gas or public transportation to get to campus is a lot cheaper than the number of things on-campus students need to pay for.

The amount of money that most commuters spend on day-to-day commodities like food, gas, and weekend activities is greatly reduced.

The downsides

Unfortunately, there are some difficult parts of being a commuter student.

Not being on campus as much as other students are can set you back on being involved and making friends. Do not let this happen!

School clubs, sports, and activities are offered to everyone at the college, whether you are a resident student or not. Take advantage of these activities and take the extra time that you are spending out of your house, on campus.

Make friends with other commuters! You are both in the same boat and can encourage each other to get involved on campus and stop feeling like you are stuck at home by yourself.

Although breaking out of your commuter student shell can be a challenge, you will find that you can have just as great of a college experience as a resident student can.

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