His Side: Having a best friend of opposite gender

Ok ladies, let’s talk: Is it okay to have a guy best friend while in the relationship? Yes…with exceptions.

Jealousy and suspicion still are and always will be a problem in every relationship.

So when your girlfriend introduces you to her BFF who just so happens to be the guy she swears she’s known since those Lunchables and recess days, you immediately begin to panic. And it’s a completely reasonable reaction when you think about it.

Usually, your guy’s reaction depends on which type of person you’re dealing with: the sensitive, overprotective, and the careless types all have different responses.

Not all guys are as jealous and violent as the douchebags from Jersey Shore. Believe it or not, much of our jealousies is rooted exactly where yours are: insecurity.

Yeah, men are insecure too, ladies. And it’s that sort of insecurity that makes us supremely territorial beings. What’s ours is ours, and no one else’s, and that includes you.

Still, we’re not asshole enough to keep you away from your friends, and so when you have your guy BFF over for HW sessions, that’s totally fine with us.

But when you start talking about that one time the two of you kissed during a game of Spin the Bottle in 10th grade, that’s when things get uncomfortable for us.

But in the case that you haven’t figured things out already, here are some do’s and don’ts of bringing a “guy friend” into the equation.

DO introduce us to this, “guy friend” of yours.

Like I said, we don’t want to hear about any surprise stories about some random Joe… keep us involved and let us get to know this other man.

DON’T make plans with this “guy friend” without letting us know.

It’s not like we’re staking outside the Olive Garden with binoculars in hand, but this could be a big problem if we’re not in the know. Remember, no surprises.

DO understand that he’s your friend, not your boyfriend.

This simply means that even though we’re okay with you spending time with your BFF, he’s not you BF. He should come second to your boyfriend, or else it’ll make him feel isolated. This doesn’t mean you have to leave your friend out, but there should be a healthy balance.

DON’T be afraid to double date.

Bringing your guy along and inviting him on your nights out will make your boyfriend feel much more comfortable with this friendship.

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