Choosing the right bikini for your body

All women are familiar with the phrase “Bikini Season”.

It’s the season when the Zumba classes get overpacked, when the treadmills are always unavailable, and when almost every woman, who is not a Victoria Secret model, is exercising and dieting to fit in that little bikini and to wear it well.

But instead of altering your body to fit that bikini, choose the right bikini that’ll compliment your figure in every way possible.

Body shape and stature

Big Breast, small waist

If your top half is bigger than your bottom, keep the attention away from your chest.

You can pull this off with a subtle print and shirred waist, or with a full underwire bikini top that fits like a bra so you won’t have to worry about clothing malfunctions.

You can even buy a swim-dress with a straight-cut skirt that balances out the bust and thighs.

Wider hips, smaller breast (The pear shape)

If you want to even out your body, a tankini will lengthen you.

If you want to draw attention more to your upper body and away from your lower half, purchase a deep V-neck that’ll show off a sexy upper body.

Avoid boy shorts that cut your thighs off in the wrong place.

The athlete

To add more of a feminine touch to those clean cut muscles, ruffled trims are always a go-to for the athletic body shape, because they add interest.

Show off your toned lower half with embellishments at the hip and a tapered-back bottom.

The curvy/hourglass figure

You want something that’ll complement your figure as well as keep everything intact.

Go for a solid or a small print that won’t distort your proportions by looking for an underwire or halter style to support your chest.

Stay away from anything with a shifty string top or bottom.


Sturdy straps, a good bra and coverage.

A swim dress is perfect for this body type because it can emphasize on your cleavage while concealing your thighs while complementing your curves.

You usually want to go towards solids with some interesting details. If you want to appear thinner but stay true to your body shape, keep in mind that side detailing slims.

Small torso

Go for tops that have more details instead of boring solid colors. Exciting shades draw the eyes up to your collarbone.

Look for a bathing suit with an X pattern that’ll lengthen and slenderize you.

Long torso

Unlike for those with small torsos, prints such as vertical lines and cutouts are your best friends.

Straight silhouette

You can either fake some curves or be proud of the fact that you have nothing to hide and wear something skimpy!

If you choose to fake it, frills fake an hourglass shape, and ruffles enhance your boobs and butt, as well as gathering or padding.

A front-tie bikini top will make you curvier. If you choose to flaunt it, go for it and wear that string bikini.

Little belly bumps

If you have a little belly bump, go for a bikini with a ruffled waistband that can be adjusted to sit higher, or one with a retro cut will do the trick too.


For this summer, don’t stress about looking a certain way to complement the bikini, shop for a bikini that’ll complement your beautiful body.


Featured Image: Depositphotos

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