Tips for a perfect semi-formal look

As the end of the semester approaches, fraternities, sororities and other organizations start planning their semi-formal or date night events.

While those events are always a lot of fun and can be awesome to dress up for and take pictures with all your friends looking your best, getting ready can be stressful!

Here are some tips and ideas for your semi-formal looks so that when you’re finally ready to head out with your date, you feel good about your look.

Pick your outfit ahead of time.

Most girls are excited enough to dress up for a fun night that they have their outfits picked out early, and that’s super important.

If you happen to be a last-minute type of person, you might want to rethink that when it comes to getting your semi-formal dress. Make sure you start your search early!

Whether finding your dress means going out to buy one, picking one of the classic faves out of your closet, or hitting up a friend’s closet to borrow something cool, make sure you get it done ahead of time.

Wear a look that reflects you.

Are you feeling super fun? Trendy? Girly? Like a sexy vixen? There are a bunch of different looks you can go with.

One of my favorite looks for a fun night out is to go for a flattering and classic black dress, but picking a pair of bright colored shoes or a killer purse.

If you’re heading to a semi-formal in the springtime, a dress in one of your favorite colors can be a great way to stand out from everyone who goes for a little black dress.

Sorority and fraternity formals are the best opportunities you’ll have to sex it up in a formal setting though, so if you’re really trying to impress a date, you can spice it up with a tight bodycon dress, or some sexy cutouts.

After college ends, skin tight dresses might be considered more trashy than sexy, so take advantage of your youth while you can!

Choose appropriate shoes.

Here’s another reason to pick out your dress ahead of time: you need to make sure you plan out the rest of your outfit.

If your dress is a solid color, shoes with some texture or patterns can be a very trendy way to incorporate something fun into your look.

If your dress is the real statement piece, then solid black heels can complete the look. Decide what look would go best with your dress. Wedges? Stilettos? Caged sandals?

If there is danger that you might be taller than your date (and only if that bothers you!), you can go for kitten heels or any that are not sky-high.

Plan your make-up look.

If you want to make sure you’re looking great for your event, know which make-up to wear, and practice putting it on.

If you’re trying a new look, you’ll definitely want to try it out ahead of time so that you know you can pull it off or have the skills to put it on.

Remember, even though it’s a fancy event, you want to look like you just dressed up. Don’t go overboard with heavy make-up if you usually wear more subtle looks.

A little glitz is always fun when you’re dressing up, just be careful with it.


Semi-formals are always fun events, and you might have to go to more than one, so switching up your look is totally allowed!

I know a lot of girls who like to wear their sexier looks when they’re invited to fraternity events and really play up their trendy sides when they have their own events to attend.

The most important part is to have fun dancing with your date whether you’re out with an old friend,  a boyfriend, a set-up, or just a group of your girls.

Featured Image: Depositphotos


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