Having a healthy relationship with your S.O.

One of the best parts of college is having the chance to meet the enormous amount of people. Perhaps, you will be lucky enough to meet your significant other (S.O.).

But this can be hard to balance in college, especially during your first year or if its your first relationship. Even if it’s not, relationships take work, patience, and courage.

Have separate lives apart from each other.

After you have met your special somebody, you might feel inclined to spend all of your free time with him or her.

However, don’t forget that you have a whole campus of people to get to know and spend time with.

It is important to not limit yourself and to give each other space. This will also make the time you do spend together seem more meaningful and exciting.

When your significant other is not around (or if the heartbreaking breakup happens), who will you spend your time with?

Remember to stay active in clubs, classes, and other events and to get to know those people as well.

Meet and get to know each other’s friends.

While one-on-one time is important, it’s just as necessary to get to know each other’s friends. This allows for more hangouts and even the possibility of new friendships.

Getting to know the people that your sweetheart trusts and spends time with, can help you to understand him or her more.

Plus, these friends can be great to turn to when seeking advice on why your partner did or said something that you might be confused about.

Find a hobby you both like.

A fun thing for couples to do to make their relationship feel special is find something to bond about. It could be going to sports games, watching a hilarious Netflix show, cooking dinner, or another hobby.

Many students feel that college is very busy and stressful but finding a common interest can help to ease stress, while making a relationship unique.

You should be comfortable with your S.O.

The great part about being comfortable with another person is that you can do nothing with them and still enjoy your time together.

Those lazy rainy days or those weekends where you have some free time can turn into memories of just talking and relaxing.

You don’t always have to spend money or find somewhere new to go to, to have fun. College has lots to offer but sometimes, just being with each other is enough.


Relationships should make a person feel happy and give them someone to rely on.

Problems can develop when the relationship is causing stress, so it’s essential to work out any kinks as soon as they arise.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your partner – if you both want the best, things can only go up from there.

Featured Image: Depositphotos


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