Miley Cyrus: Modeling over music

I’m tired of Miley Cyrus, guys. Aren’t you?

It’s bad enough that she’s started to make her (actual) claim to fame just last year, but shaking your butt, sticking out your tongue and twerking all over Robin Thicke all to prove you’re no longer Hannah Montana is over the top. We get it.

But with all the buzz surrounding our dear Miley, it’s hard to decide whether or not the attention is deserved, and for all the right reasons.

Don’t get me wrong, I love her. But I will not stoop to the level of other mindless Smilers out there who consider what our girl’s been doing as “talented” or “inspiring.” How about, borderline disgusting and demeaning? And where does it all get her? Well, a possible tour cancellation, of course.

Rumor has it that Miley’s tour was in the talks of being cancelled due to X-rated content, and I’m not talking dancin’ ‘round in a flesh-toned bathing suit sort of X-rated.

We’re talking grindin’ on giant hot dogs and getting so sleazy with her backup dancers on stage, that it prompted parents to demand her tour be cancelled.

And don’t get me started on the music department… Actually, no. I will get started on that.

Last summer, when I first learned Miley was going to release a hip-hop inspired album in the fall, I cringed. Then, I saw her with producer Mike WiLL Made It, wearing a Michael Jordan jersey and, of course, with her tongue out.

It wasn’t until I heard French Montana’s Ain’t Worried About Nothin remix featuring Miley, that I realized just how awful this whole hip-hop thing could get.

And before you knew it, October arrived and so did Bangerz: an ear-wrenchingly embarrassing album with a handful of hits that doesn’t do the Disney franchise justice at all.

Okay, I liked Wrecking Ball, We Can’t Stop and Adore You. The girl certainly knows how to pick her singles, but 4×4 made me want to crawl into the fetal position forever. Tsk tsk.

The only good thing that came from her sudden transformation was her sense of fashion and hairstyle. It didn’t take long for the pixie cut to really kick in; I was a fan of the cut from the jump!

One career field Miley would certainly thrive in is modeling. She has the stereotypical physique of a preteen princess and the attitude of Joan Jett in her prime, making her all the more suited for the catwalk.

Don’t believe me? Just look at the girl’s Instagram: pure modeling material. To say whether she can rival Kendall Jenner is a bit beyond for now, (girl’s got some legs on her), but that’s not to say Miley couldn’t be her frontrunner in the future.

Featured Image: Flickr Creative Commons

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