Getting a position and what it means

Each organization goes about selecting new officers in a variety of different ways. Some girls campaign for a position and others are slated into the office by the house.

In any event, getting a position is a huge deal and should be taken very seriously. But, what does getting a position really mean?

Obviously, you will have a bigger voice in the chapter but there are also other duties you must fulfill outside of meeting and your specific event that you have to plan.

Keep reading to find out!

Reputation inside and out

Many people believe that getting a position means that you are only responsible to hold this title when you are surrounded by your sisters, alumni or the new members. But, this is definitely not the case.

Everyone in the Greek community will know if you have a position, especially if it is something on the executive board.

Acting sloppy at a bar or a mixer on the weekend doesn’t send a great message to individuals who are looking to understand how your organization upholds the responsibilities.

When you get a position, your reputation is being scrutinized not only by the Greek community but also by your own chapter. They expect the officers to be the face of the chapter and they want that face to be a reputable one.


Even though you may have a high position doesn’t mean you get to be disrespectful to your sisters. Going on a power trip is very easy to do and also very hard to stop doing.

You must maintain composure and feel excited and proud that your sisters believed enough in you and believed that you could really do this position well. .

Respect is a huge thing when it comes to Greek life. Therefore, even though you may have a position, whether it is small or big, treat your sisters the way you would want them to treat you if the roles were reversed.

You must follow through.

Having a position means that you now have commitments and deadlines that you must, without question, meet. If you don’t, then the chapter will suffer in some way and it will be on your shoulders.

Also, when you do follow through with plans and events, the chapter will take note of that. They will see what a good job you are doing and when the time comes again to select new officers, you will definitely be in the running.

When you do execute your plans well, it will boost internal relations with your sisters. They wanted you in this position for a reason and they want to see you succeed.


Getting a position is new, fun and exciting so take advantage of the time when you must fill the role! Get to know all aspects of it and maybe add an event or a project that wasn’t there before.

This way you will leave a little bit of your legacy behind when you move to a new position or when you graduate.

Featured Image: Depositphotos


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