Facebook friending your parents

After logging into Facebook, one can’t help but feel a little excited when we see the red notification tab on our home page, whether it be a “like,” a “comment,” or a “friend request.”

But what happens when that red notification isn’t from friends, but from their mom or dad?

Although it was originally targeted towards college students, over the past few years the well-known social network has developed a wider range of users.

Now both teens and parents alike are using the site to post pictures, update statuses, and connect with friends. But what happens when your parents request you on Facebook? Do you accept or decline?

University 101 gives its perspective on the matter and why you should or shouldn’t be “friends” with your parents.

Why you should friend your parents

You want to keep in touch.

Whether you’re off at college or away from home, it’s nice to keep in touch, but talking on the phone can only go so far. Instead of hearing about their day over the phone, Facebook lets you see their day through pictures and videos.

You’re interested to see their page.

Let’s be real, you’re a little interested as to what your parents do in their spare time. Friending your parent lets you see who they interact with others, what pictures they post, and what they like. It gives you a new perspective on your parents by letting you see them in a new light.

You have nothing to hide.

There’s nothing bad on your Facebook anyways, so why hide it from them? Now-a-days, as potential job-seekers have become more technologically savvy, it’s more important not to put up things your parents would be ashamed of.

Why you shouldn’t friend your parents

They post obnoxious things.

Is your parent one of those that “shares” everything on their wall. Like those little pictures that say, “repost this if you love your child.” Yeah, those can sometimes get a little out of hand, especially when they tag you in all of them.

They like or comment on everything.

Your friends always hate you after they post pictures, because an hour later they have about 20 notifications saying that your parent liked every photo you were in.

What can be even more awkward is when your parents click the comment button. While some of them can be pretty funny, some of them make you want to press delete.

They creep on your wall.

Wanting to know more about your life is fine, but when they start referring to your friends by their first name when they’ve never met them before, things can get a little weird. We all “Facebook creep,” we can’t deny that, but it’s important to draw a line.


So while you’re hovering over the mouse deciding which button to click, keep these few things in mind. While every case is different, parents will be parents.

While their posts and comments may come across as annoying or embarrassing at times, it’s important to remember, they’re just trying to learn more about us.

Featured Image: Depositphotos


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