6 ways to impress after the party

Every girl knows that getting ready before going out is one of the most important times in her day.

Deciding which outfit to wear, what color eye shadow would be in vogue for the night you’re about to have and which pumps or boots would be best is crucial. You want your crush to notice you but you don’t want to try too hard.

However, we can think about this in a different way – trying to impress your guy after the party has ended would be something completely different and unique that will set you apart from the rest of the sorority girls that he is always surrounded by.

Suggest pizza.

Everyone loves pizza, especially boys who have been out partying all night. It might be messy and a high caloric snack past midnight but one night won’t kill you.

Pizza is also cheap around college campuses so if you are lucky, maybe he will cover the bill. And with this option you will actually be able to talk.

Loud music, dark rooms and fraternity floors with an inch of beer on them usually aren’t the best settings to actually get to know someone.

Don’t go home with him on the first night.

You don’t want to seem easy but you also don’t want to be a tease either.

If he asks you to go back to his place, making up an excuse about having to get up early the next day, is completely reasonable.

But make sure you let him know you want to see him again so he doesn’t think you just had the worst night of your life.

Ask for his number.

I promise, he won’t think you are a crazy stalker if you ask for his number before he asks for yours.

Just because guys don’t show their emotions as much as girls do, doesn’t mean they don’t have them. So, maybe he is just as nervous and will be relieved that you asked to exchange numbers.

Saying goodbye – HUGS

It can get awkward when you two are about to part ways for the night if you really have just met or know each other very little. But, thanking him for a good night with a hug is a nice gesture.

Going in for a kiss may give him the wrong impression of you and he may not be ready to take that step yet. Some guys take awhile to figure out if a girl is really just friend material or not.

Text him afterwards.

As you are getting into bed and really do want to see him again, a quick text to see if he got home ‘okay’ or a funny moment about the night that you can’t stop thinking about may make him laugh too.

It will not only show him that you are still thinking about him, but that you were genuinely happy about being in his company earlier on.

Wait for him to initiate the next day.

This part may be the hardest depending on the guy and how he feels about you. The night before, you put in a lot of effort. Texting him before he goes to sleep will keep him thinking about you.

But, the next day is brand new and anything can happen. You don’t want to seem overbearing so let him initiate conversation and hang out time.

He may or may not do this but waiting will only make the anticipation of seeing him again that much greater and if your night really went well then it will definitely happen again.

Featured Image: Depositphotos


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