Clothing pieces to transition from winter to spring

Style and fashion tend to follow a seasonal cycle.

While that makes sense, considering you need to wear clothes to accommodate to the weather, it’s pretty annoying and expensive, to have to completely revamp your wardrobe every few months.

Just because the sun is about to come out to play a bit more, does not mean that you can’t rework some of the items you’ve been wearing through the winter for the early spring.

It can be really easy to wear items you’ve been using throughout the colder months in the spring, especially if you like to layer your clothing.

So here are a few great items that can carry you through the transition to warmer weather!


Style- Cardigan


Cardigans are a prime example of items that are great to layer for warmth in the winter, but can also stand alone in the spring.

If you usually wear a cardigan in the winter with a long-sleeved shirt under it, a scarf and a coat, it can be a welcome change to throw it on in the spring with just a tank or tee and lighter-washed jeans, or over a sundress.

Flannel shirts

Style- Cardigan


Flannels are similar to cardigans. They are warm, comfy and great to layer in the winter with other shirts, comfy leggings and boots. If you have a flannel shirt you love, the early spring will surely welcome it.

Button it up and wear it without another layer, and trade in your boots for TOMS or sneakers, and you’ll look effortlessly ready for the seasonal transition without having to replace an entire outfit.

Short, light-colored boots

Style- Short boots


This may not work for heavy, black, knee-high leather boots, but if you have shorter booties that you’ve been enjoying throughout the colder months or boots in a lighter shade like beige, you can really edge up a springy or colorful dress with it.

The contrast between a sweet dress and a slightly heavier shoe like a boot is a great way to show you know how to mix things up and get creative.

Dark nail polish

Style- dark nail polish


I happen to be a proponent of dark nail polish in the colder months, but dark nails can contrast a playful look in early spring, and keep things from being too summery too early.

Maybe steer clear of straight-up black nail polish, but navy or a dark purple can be a great way to go. Don’t feel like you need to trade in your total look just because the season is changing.


These are just a few suggestions,and obviously, climate changes from location to location. One of the great aspects of it is that there is no set standard when it comes to fashion.

Some people might wear heavier fabrics in brighter colors, where others might mix and match heavy and light colors or edgy and playful trends. Get creative! Just make sure you’re dressed appropriately for the weather outside.

Featured Image: Depositphotos


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