How to: Deal with inconsiderate roommates

As fun as living on campus in the resident dorms can be, it also has its cons. Especially when it comes to the people you share a room with– aka your roommates.

The two girls that I got put into a room with my freshman year of college became my best friends and still are to this day. We loved living together and were able to continue living together.

Then, our junior year, we got to move into the nice suites on campus that had 3 bedrooms and required 5 roommates. We were so excited, until we realized we were going to be living with two complete strangers.

Meeting a new roommate for the first time is definitely interesting. The first impression you get from them is crucial. Try to talk to them about their daily routine, class schedule, likes/dislikes to learn important things about them.

Hopefully, you will have some things in common and it won’t be as bad as you initially thought. Or the first impression of them is not the greatest and it seems worse than you ever thought.

Try not to worry; there are ways to deal with this roommate-gone-bad nightmare.

If issues arise right off the bat with your new roommate, the best thing to do is talk it out.

For example, you are trying to go to sleep since you have an 8 o’clock class in the morning, but your roommate is blasting music. Nobody wants to be a problem starter, but it is very inconsiderate.

The right thing to do is try to talk it out in a mature manner. Knock on their door and politely ask for the music to be turned down. “Hey, I don’t mean to be a downer, but I have class at 8 tomorrow morning, do you mind turning your music down?”

Approaching the situation nicely shows your roommate that you are not trying to start problems, but just simply trying to get some sleep since you have to be up and out early.

Be sure to communicate about what you need, what you want, what you like or dislike because your new roommate barely knows you. Unfortunately, they cannot read your mind. So speak up for yourself and communicate positively.

To make sure you are communicating positively, try to discuss living accommodations in person. Technology has become a huge part of people’s lives, especially young people.

So, as easy and distant it may be to text your roommate about something that bothered you, it is best to talk about in person. A lot of the time, texts can be misconstrued and sound a lot nastier than they are meant to sound.

Another way to solve a problem with a roommate is to keep outsiders out of the conversation. Involving other friends can leave one roommate feeling attacked or bullied.

If the specific problem is between you and your roommate, keep it that way and solve it on your own or with the help of a resident faculty member.

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