Valentine’s Day fashion and beauty tips

Valentine’s Day is one of the more divisive holidays out there – the hopeless romantics can’t get enough of their sweethearts and chocolate and fancy dinners, but those single ladies who aren’t about that life might not feel too hot around mid-February.

My thoughts: everyone deserves an excuse to eat chocolate, dress up and go out!

Whether you’re heading to a romantic dinner for two at a swanky restaurant, or having a fun night out with a group of friends, I’m sure you will want to look your best.

Here are some things to consider when picking out your Valentine’s Day outfit.


If you’re going out for the night, make sure to take your location into consideration when rummaging through your closet.

Fancy restaurant? Pull out the dress and heels. Girls’ night at a club? Grab your favorite jeans and if you’d like, a low-cut top (hey, you never know what other singles you might meet on V-day).

Cooking a nice meal at home? It’s great to show that you’re putting in some effort, but a tight dress or high heels will probably be unnecessary. Opt for a put-together but casual look like boots, dark jeans and a silky blouse or trendy sweater.

DISCLAIMER: Single ladies feel free to skip the following paragraph.

Your significant other

Since Valentine’s Day is about showing appreciation for the one you love, keep your significant other’s preferences in mind.

Does your boyfriend love how you look in your tightest, sexiest dress and highest heels? Then you should really go all out for him.

If you happen to have a significant other who would rather not have other people ogling you, go for a sweeter, girly, flirty look as opposed to the attention-grabbing sexy vixen look.


The guidelines listed above also apply to your Valentine’s Day make-up.

If you’re having a more low-key night with friends or staying at home with your beau, you can probably forego the deep red lips and heavy mascara. But if you’re going out, make sure that your make-up complements your outfit.

If you decide to wear a sexy, tight dress, you should tone down the make-up a little or pick one feature to highlight so that the outfit is the main attraction.

If your outfit is sweet and flirty, a bright or playful make-up look could pull it all together.

If you’re feeling edgy and seductive this V-day, break out the black eyeliner and smoky shadow.

If you want to get festive for the holiday, but don’t have much red or pink in your outfit, red or pink lipstick can be a great way to infuse your look with some romance.

Just keep in mind that bright lipstick might work against you if you really want to go in for the kiss

Featured Image: Depositphotos


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