Going to school with your sibling

Often in school, students get compared to their older or younger siblings whether it’s by their teachers or classmates.

But what happens when siblings choose to go to the same college as their brother or sister? Does it tear them apart or does it actually bring them closer together?

University 101 interviewed twins Amanda and Melissa Radford about their personal experience regarding this matter.

Originally, Melissa stuck with a more familiar environment, attending a college closer to home, while Amanda chose to go out of state.

The Radford twins explained that their decision to attend different colleges was not about separating from each other, but because they both wanted to explore different things.

But soon after visiting her sister one weekend their first year, Melissa made the decision to transfer and attend the same college as her sister.

Of course, it can be different with each person, but one thing that seems to disturb the peace most often is sibling rivalry.

“Since we had the same classes and the same friends growing up there was a bit of competition,” Amanda said. “Especially in middle school,” Melissa added. “We were really competitive in middle school.”

So how can someone avoid the sibling drama and still enjoy their college experience? The answer is simple; quit comparing themselves to their sibling. Attending the same college doesn’t mean sharing their life.

Instead of following the paved road of their sibling, people should be encouraged to create their own path. So how exactly does someone do that?

Amanda and Melissa gave their best advice on how to deal when siblings attend the same college.

Don’t room with your sibling.

Both Amanda and Melissa were pretty adamant about this rule, hence, why it’s number one. They recalled how hard it was sharing a room even before college.

If anything, they suggest suiting with a sibling that way you have them close, but not too close.

Don’t take the same classes.

Even if you have the same major, the Radford twins recommend that you don’t take all of your classes together.

One or two is fine just to have a familiar face, but it helps to do things on your own.

Join different clubs.

While the two both agreed this isn’t something they did right off, they would recommend it to others. It helps you get involved and let’s you explore what you like to do.

Make and have different friends.

Even though Amanda and Melissa share similar friend groups in college, they do encourage making new ones. “Don’t turn in on yourselves,” Amanda puts it.

Finally, live your life.

Both sisters encourage others to have a life outside of your sibling. College is about finding yourself.

Amanda said she would have never gotten so involved had her sister been present her first year of college. Instead, she would have just hung out with her the whole time.


So if you and your sibling want to go to the same college, remember to celebrate what brings you together, but also celebrate what makes you different!

You’re siblings first, that will always be true, but use this time in college to find out what makes you you!

Featured Image: Depositphotos


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