Rush Week: Making the best impression and finding the right house

Rush Week is a scary and exciting time for everyone on campus. It is also a crucial moment for PNM’s (potential new members) to be on their best behavior.

Sisters from all different organizations are watching closely to make sure they pick the right girls for their house.

So how do you make the best impression by the time preference night comes around? It’s easy!

When trying to make the best first impression…

Look your best.

Doing your hair and make up not only makes you look good on the outside but also on the inside.

Your self-esteem will be greater and it will show through in your attitude. The sisters will notice how confident you are.

Sell yourself but don’t over do it.

Sometimes in life, talking about yourself comes across as rude but during rush, it’s completely acceptable.

The sisters in each house want to know about you and what you’ve done in high school or college so far.

They are trying to figure out if you are the best fit for them. So, talk about yourself! But, let the sisters talk too.

Don’t over do it but put yourself out there as the best version of you that you can be.

Wear a conversation starter.

Having a conversation with anyone for the first time can be an awkward or an intimidating experience.

But, if you wear a piece of jewelry that stands out or a piece of clothing that catches the eye of a sister, the conversation just flows.

This is the perfect way for each of you to connect on a different level other than the basics like your intended major or how many siblings you have.

This will not only make both you and the sister feel comfortable but it will also be something that they can remember you by when it comes time to vote.

When choosing the right house…

Understand the philanthropy.

Most girls believe that a sorority is just for parties and for guys, but most organizations care about their philanthropy a lot.

This means that you should research which philanthropy each sorority is partnered with before you rush. It will be helpful when deciding which house to choose.

Relate to and enjoy the company of more than just one girl.

PNM’s will meet a lot of girls during Rush Week at several different houses, but it is important to like talking and being around most girls in the particular house that you are interested in.

Sometimes a PNM and a sister can become very close during rush week. However, if the PNM does not feel the same way about all of the sisters as she does for the one sister, then it’s time to reevaluate which houses she believes she could potentially belong to.

Be yourself!

In high school, everyone knew everyone else’s business. Now is the time to reinvent yourself. Be who you want to be.

You will end up in the house that is right for you and your experience throughout college will be that much better.

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