Amanda Bynes’ health update

Over the last year, some of the wackiest and most interesting news came from the apparent train wreck that was Amanda Bynes. The main source of the madness came from her Twitter account, which contained some of her famous love tweets for Drake and hate tweets from Rihanna.

Unfortunately for Amanda, the source of her odd tweets wasn’t a plot by the young comedian and actress to attract more Twitter followers, but the sad unfolding of a person suffering. During this time, Bynes retired from the entertainment and appeared in court for multiple driving related charges including a DUI and hit and run.

In August, when the young actress was sent to rehab and diagnosed with a severe mental illness, “schizophrenic tendencies,” her fans may have been shocked, but definitely were not taken by surprised considering it was apparent she needed help. But, fans around the world were not expecting to hear that when Amanda was checked in for psychiatric treatment that they might not see her until sometime in 2015.

At first, Amanda did a stint in rehab at UCLA Medical Center. Sources close to the situation told the popular celebrity gossip TMZ that Bynes would be her normal self for long stretches of time, typically several hours, only to lose control for an hour.

When asked about what she is remembers and how she is feeling, she talks about there being a “good” Amanda and a “bad” Amanda. She even goes as far as to bite at her skin while talking about the “bad” Amanda. During her normal stretches, she would be kind and reserved.

But then, she would become outrageous and then would berate the staff with questions about the whereabouts of her dog that was with her parents and speak about how they would kill it like they tried to kill her.

Then, in September, Bynes left the UCLA Medical Center for a The Canyon Rehabilitation Center in Malibu, a controversial rehab center that is half the cost with none of the advance care treatments that UCLA had. This rehab center got into some trouble when they reportedly released information about some of it’s previous patients.

But despite the controversy, she was signed off by her doctor to start receiving treatment from The Canyon because it was “a better fit for her.” Good news for Bynes and fans alike, came earlier this month when the 2015 estimation was eliminated and she was released from The Canyon.

The actress is reportedly doing well and was even spotted with her family at Disneyland. One of her fans even tweeted, “Woah, Amanda Bynes just walked right past me…#disneyland”. Overall, there is a sigh of release to know that this young star is safe and doing well.

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