Staying in touch with family and friends

College is a time to grow, define yourself, and get a sense of independence for the first time, but that does not mean you should let your home life fall by the wayside!

As awesome as your new surroundings may seem, it is important to still value your friends and family from home just as much as you value your new college crowd.

Your social circle does not have to be replaced, just expanded.

Dorming and a busy schedule may make keeping contact tricky, but there are plenty of ways to keep your relationships strong.

Tech Methods

In our world gone digital, it’s a no-brainer that you can call, text, or even video chat your friends and family (although your parents may not be ready for that last option!). It’s easier than ever to stay in contact.

Even if you’re super busy, sending a quick one-line text shows your family or peers that they’re in your thoughts throughout the day.

If you have roommates, be considerate when calling or video chatting—keep it brief or head to another room.

Schedule it out.

It will be a lot easier to keep in contact with people if you always call or video chat them at the same time.

You may have the best intentions but simply forget, over and over—I know this well! This method works best for family, i.e. calling your parents at the same time once a week.

They’ll like the consistency, but even more than that, they’ll like that they get to hear your voice and get updates on what you’re up to.

Go the old-fashioned way!

Technology has made communication a cinch, but it’s still a fun twist to send post the old-fashioned way sometimes.

Your college probably isn’t a glamorous vacation spot, but why not send a quick postcard? Or send a personal letter or drawing to your friends!

It’s a way to get creative and combat the monotony of texts, IMs, or emails.

Don’t overdo it.

Keep it balanced. Being constantly glued to your computer or phone will make it difficult to adjust to campus life.

You may end up ignoring people or missing out on new chances because you’re so focused on everyone back at home.

To adapt to dorm life, you need to distance yourself a little just so your mind is not constantly focused on missing your friends or planning your next trip home.

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