Three Types of Holiday Outfits

The holiday season is a time for sparkle! Break out the sparkling wine, sparkling tinsel and most importantly, the sparkling outfits. There are tons of different ways to dress up for all of the festive holiday parties going on this time of year.

From flirty and fun, to trendy and cool, to comfy and downright ugly, you have an abundance of choices when it comes to showing off your holiday cheer when you’re out and about.

Stylish and Sophisticated

This look is for those girls who want the focus to be on their sparkling smiles instead of their article of clothing. The confidence that comes with walking into a room full of friends, feeling glamorous in your little black dress and your winter tights will give you the courage to march right up to that hot guy under the mistletoe.

If you are attending a holiday party with colleagues or family members, you might want to opt for this look. Going for a simple and classy dress (nothing tight or skanky, please) and tights with suede boots or pumps can show that you really know how to put yourself together and look great in winter.

Heavier fabrics that are appropriate for winter lend themselves well to fun textures, which is a great way to add a little something to your outfit without loud, clashing colors or glitter.

Fun and Festive

This look is for those who are so excited for the holiday season that they just can’t keep the holiday cheer to themselves! Break out the red and green outfits, and keep the fun going. One way to class up a festive look is to go for a darker hunter green or a burgundy color, or to wear one of the two classic Christmas colors.

Black pants, heeled boots and a red or green sequined shirt can be a great way to look cool, chic and spirited all at the same time. A bright red dress with black tights is a classic combo for the holidays that shows that you’re ready for the cheery season. The color will pop, but the tights keep it winter-appropriate. This sort of look is probably the safest route for the majority of holiday parties.

Comfy and Casual

This is for the tacky and ugly sweater parties that are, no doubt, happening all around college campuses this season. These themed parties are perfect for the cold weather. Everyone gets to have fun, stay warm and be comfortable without feeling out of place.

It may not be the typical going-out look, but that’s no reason you can’t show your holiday spirit and share laughs and drinks with friends and strangers. Plus, I don’t know about you, but by this point in the semester, my going-out outfits always start to look a bit tired to me.

From typical holiday sweaters to homemade ones with tinsel safety-pinned on (side note: when it’s done right, this DIY look can be really cute and makes a great bonding activity for friends or roommates!), it’s time to take advantage of the opportunity to go out without worrying too much about looking ready to impress.

Remember the most important part of going out during the holidays is to spread the joy, share some laughter, and hit up that egg nog. No matter how you show that you’re ready to rage for the holidays, you’re guaranteed to have a great time as long as you surround yourself with great people, parties and drinks!

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