Nail Art Trends

It used to be that doing your nails or getting a manicure was a way to show how groomed you were. You would look put-together, polished, and maybe throw in a fun pop of color if you wanted to get adventurous. Those days are over. Nails are now a platform to show creativity, moods, and self-expression. Manicures have become an art form. Literally. Nail art has become a popular way to show your artistic side; the Internet is full of photos of properly polished nails. Here are a few ways to experiment with nail art trends:


One way to mix it up is to add a texture to your nails! Smooth nails are no longer a necessity when it comes to having manicured hands. Brands like Deborah Lippmann have come out with nail colors that dry with a rougher texture. This manicure is one way to add some edge to your manicure.


The Internet is full of great tutorials for getting this look. This is a way to show your style without getting too out there. Pick a color and layer it in varying hues to create a fade-in look on your nails. You can pick any color for this one, so feel free to go crazy OR keep it classic.

Play on French Manicure

The French manicure has always been a go-to classy way to show that you’re put-together and a classy lady. Well, what happens when instead of white at the tips of your nails you throw on some navy or black? Suddenly you’re a bit more sassy than classy, while still looking great.


This is another one that you’ll find tutorials of online. Pick a few colors and then get to mixing them in a cool pattern on your nails! This is a great way to show your preferences for what colors belong together. Since you get to pick multiple, you have a great platform for expressing a sense of design.

Geometric Prints

There are a lot of great prints out there to put on your nails. This is another one that is easy to find lessons for online. If you layer multiple colors, you can create the illusion of triangles or stripes on your nails. This will look really cool, chic, and sleek. The straight lines of the geometric patterns show close attention to detail.

Of course there are also a bunch of other ways to play up your nails. The most important part of any good manicure though is always precision. Manicures are meant to show that you care about how you present yourself to the world; chipped or smudged nails look sloppy.

A manicure is also super easy to change and do-over, so it’s a great way to change your look with your mood any day!

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