Richie Incognito bullies Jonathan Martin

Without failure, there always seems to be a new sports scandal that floods the media once another leaves. If you’ve been paying attention to sports recently, whenever the NFL is mentioned, the talk isn’t about how: for the first time in a long time the Chiefs have gone undefeated in the first nine weeks or how the Broncos handed them their first lost.

Right now, the big story in the NFL is about a harassment investigation going on in Miami between offensive linemen Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin.

The investigation between the teammates is trying to determine what exactly went on that caused Jonathan Martin to leave the team and check himself into a hospital for emotional distress. As of recently, investigators have found an abundance of evidence showing vicious bullying between the two.

The evidence collected includes voicemails left by Incognito to Martin that include various sexual and racial slurs. There is even a report that Incognito forced Martin into paying for a team trip to Las Vegas that Martin wasn’t attending that totaled to more than $15,000.

When asked about the $15,000 in an interview with Fox Sports, Incognito responded, “That’s not accurate. We take an offensive line trip annually every year to Las Vegas. Jonathan missed his rookie year. We went, he played his rookie year, he didn’t join us on the trip so this whole offseason we were joking around and we were saying, ‘You know what, Jon, you’re going to pay a fine for that. You’re going to have to pay a big fine for missing your rookie trip to Las Vegas.’ It was a big joke and it kind of shifted and kind of took form. Once the season started getting closer, we started riding him more and more about this trip and about this fine. So we have a fine code in the O-line room where we fine each other for all sorts of silly stuff — falling down on tape, for all sorts of little things — and we kept riding Jon to pay a $10,000 fine for missing his trip. Most of it was joking.”

On November 16, Incognito filed a grievance against Miami Dolphins for the money he lost during his time suspended. In the introduction of the grievance, it attacked Martin’s case, “If any conduct has been detrimental to the team, it is the manner in which Mr. Martin’s representatives, including Mr. (David) Cornwell on behalf of his client, have elected to vilify Mr. Incognito and the entire Dolphins organization in the court of public opinion.”

As of now the investigation is on going. Incognito has been suspended from the NFL until the investigation has concluded and Martin has yet to return to the Miami Dolphins.

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