Fashion advice for guys

Guys, listen up. Today’s post is all about the dudes. There aren’t all that many rules for guys, and it is not hard to look good. Guys can look great as long they look clean and put together. There is definitely no need to feel pressure to look particularly trendy. Sometimes, it’s just nice to see a college guy who isn’t wearing a hoodie or pinnie. You’re growing up now; it’s time to class it up a bit!




When you’re going for a casual look, t-shirts work well, but make sure they fit! Baggy t-shirts look sloppy. A classy way for a guy to work a t-shirt into his outfit is to pair a solid colored v-neck with a pair of dark jeans. That will always look good.

Long-sleeved and waffle shirts


When it starts to get cold, a classic long-sleeved shirt or a thermal waffle shirt and jeans make a great combo, too. Again, the important part for a guy to look great in his clothes is the fit.

The button-up shirt


If you’re going out for the night to a party or bar, it’s time to step it up a little. A simple button-up shirt with jeans is the best go-to option for any night. Roll up the sleeves to your elbow to make it a bit more casual. Something about rolled-up sleeves on a guy is very attractive. If you’re tired of solid colors, play around with patterns. Stripes and plaid are always classic, but there are also a bunch of other unique options.




Like I said, one of the important things for guys to look great is to look clean. Don’t have pit stains and don’t have greasy, scraggly hair. Shaggy hair is fine as a style choice, but make sure it’s washed.

Facial hair

One of my favorite topics of discussion when it comes to guys’ fashion, is facial hair. I happen to be a big proponent of facial hair. It’s a simple way for guys to change up their look. But full-on beards can look sloppy if you’re not taking care of them properly.


If you go the beard route, make sure you invest in a great trimmer. Scruff can also be really attractive as long it doesn’t approach a laziness-beard. A couple days of scruff max, please.

If you’re going to an interview or a more formal event, I would generally advise to play it safe and keep it clean-shaven. That being said, no-shave-November is upon us, so these rules might fly out the window for a while.

Must-have Items

Finally, here are some of the classic items that every well-dressed guy should have in his closet.

Dark straight jeans

Dark, straight jeans are the way to go when it comes to casual bottoms. You cannot mess that up.



Again, it’s all about fit. Get it tailored.

A pair of casual shoes


A pair of casual shoes like Vans, Converse, or Sperry’s (depending on your personal style, of course) that are not beat up, and are a neutral enough color to go with anything you wear.

Black pea-coat

mens wool-blend-pea-coat-black-discountedcheapdeals dot com

There is nothing classier than a guy wearing a pea coat. It’ll keep you warm, you’ll look great, and it takes no effort. As long as you have these items, you can’t go wrong.

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