“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Review

The clutter of Fall comedies that inundated our TV sets this year was overwhelming to say the least. Some have been short lived (See you later, We Are Men), and others are on the brink (Sorry, Welcome to the Family.)

However, certain comedies are coming in swinging with heavy hitting name recognition, such as the always-dependable comedic genius of Robin Williams, and the less than impressive chops of Michael J. Fox.

Some other less publicized yet still recognizable names have made a real splash in Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Samberg stars as Detective Jake Peralta, a cop who has a childishly competitive side and refuses to grow up. He’s forced to step outside of his immature comfort zone when the new straight-laced captain shows up, Braugher’s Ray Holt, who also happens to be gay. The show is true to an ensemble format and has more than enough scene-stealers.

Melissa Fumero plays Detective Amy Santiago, Jake’s partner and rival for all intents and purposes, as the two keep a running tally, of who has more arrests. Amy is the epitome of an overachieving suck up as she attempts to weasel her way into the captain’s good graces.

There’s also a hint of a “will they or won’t they” dynamic with Jake and her that totally works. Detective Charles Boyd, portrayed by Joe Lo Truglio, is the somewhat squirmy nervous detective, who always proves to be a team player. He has a transparent crush on the scary Detective Rosa Diaz, played by Stephanie Beatriz.

Rounding out the cast are ultimate scene-stealers Sergeant Terry Jeffords, played by the always-appealing Terry Crews, and civilian administrator Gina Linetti portrayed by the intrinsically charismatic Chelsea Peretti. Terry is an intimidating badass Sergeant turned softie after he suffered a breakdown and currently stays tied to the desk.

His antics include crying over small problems and constantly referencing his young daughters and how he doesn’t want to go back into the field for their sake. Gina lights up the silver screen with her distinct delivery and intrusive presence in the lives of the detectives. She’s perfectly inappropriate and is blessed with some of the best one-liners of the show.

The chemistry between the actors on the show, especially between that of Samberg and Braugher prove to be a unique and funny balance. Jake even goes as far as to wear a dress shirt and tie, as suggested by Captain Holt, but accommodates it with a speedo as a practical joke. Rather than being humorlessly un-amused, Holt invites the rest of the team to come in and take a peak at Jake’s getup, turning the tables on the ultimate table-turner.

The show is full of quick wit and funny characters that might be the dark horse of this year’s comedy lineup. Two thumbs up for Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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