Surviving your first midterm week

It is that time of the school year again- Midterms! For all those who are new to college, do not fret, you will get through this! This is not high school anymore and cramming the night before just will not cut it this time.

While some are pulling all nighters hyped up on Red Bull and coffee, reading these tips will help you avoid those tactics and get you through finals week the right way.

Get organized

Organization starts at the beginning of the semester. Do not wait until the day before the final to organize six weeks of notes and information. When the teacher announces the date of the final, start making a study guide. Study guides are a college student’s best friend. Be proactive and set up a meeting with the professor. Ask about the test and to go over the material that will show up on the exam, so there are no surprises and you can prepare as best as possible.


Cramming the night before an exam never ends well. College students tend to think that staying up all night and studying will get the job done- Wrong. A midterm is an exam created to test students on six weeks of information. Staying up for one whole night will not only exhaust you, but it is not enough time to prepare for an exam. Begin early when it comes to studying. This will allow plenty of time to really learn and retain the material.

Take care of yourself

Midterm week is stressful enough without having to worry about getting sick. Sleeping less and eating unhealthy, tends to make the immune system go down, making it much easier to catch germs floating around. One of the worst experiences is trying to concentrate on studying for an exam when running a 103 degree fever.

Make sure to get enough sleep and keep a healthy diet during this stressful week. Junk food may seem like the right choice when the going gets rough and everything is fine in moderation, just do not go over board.

The library is your friend

Colleges do not invest in having grand libraries just to hoard thousands of books. They were built to give students a place to go when studying in the dormitories becomes too difficult. The cool thing about most college libraries is that there are usually a ton of cool, secret and secluded spots to hide from the world in.

When in the library you might also come across students studying for the same exam as you are. Sometimes studying with a partner can be beneficial. They may understand a concept better than you and can make studying easier and even more fun.

As terrible as midterms are, they are unavoidable. The best thing to do is figure out how to get through them in one piece and of course with good grades! Just remember, it is only a test. Prepare as best as possible and everything will be okay!

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