Going out attire

People make mistakes in college. It’s pretty inevitable. In fact, if you don’t make a few hilarious mistakes in college, you’re doing it wrong.

Some of those mistakes are going to involve clothes, and they are going to end up on Facebook or Instagram. Thanks for documenting that one time my shirt was completely see-through with a camera flash, Internet.

Fortunately for you, though, we’re going to bring to light a few fashion mishaps commonly seen around college parties and treat you to some choice advice on what to do so you get it right.

Fashion Don’ts

Don’t forget where you’re going.

Getting dolled up can be super fun. There are girls who just love picking out a new dress, strapping on trendy high heels, and turning the heat up on their flat-irons. This is great if you’re going to a crush party or a cool new bar, but if you get all dolled up and show up to the dark basement of an open frat party, you should have probably considered saving the dress for another night.

Chances are, you’ll end up hurting your feet trying to dance and someone will spill cheap beer on your cute dress. Try dark jeans and a casual-but-cool shirt instead if you’re hitting up a kegger.

Don’t look like a hot mess.

This is way too common at college parties. I’m going to be harsh here; everyone knows the girls I’m talking about. If you want to catch a guy’s attention, wear either your short, tight skirt or your see-through blouse (with a bandeau or cami, please), or your sky-high heels.

Trying to wear all of them at once is trying too hard. That being said, this IS your youth; there probably won’t be another time in your life you can genuinely pull off that bandage skirt. Just make sure you’re actually pulling it off.

Don’t try too many things at once.

Wearing textured pants, a fringed bag, a crocheted shirt and bright colored shoes is not being on trend. It’s trend-vomiting. Pick a cool piece to wear that you’re excited to put on and you know will be the thing that gets you compliments for the night. This is kind of like the “take one accessory off before you walk out the door” rule.

Fashion Do’s

Now dear readers, here’s what you should be doing to feel great, look great, and avoid untagging pictures on Facebook Monday morning.

Do look for new trends you want to try.

Everyone has their favorite go-to outfit, but what’s more exciting than putting together a new outfit that you’re so psyched for everyone to see? Pay attention to trends and work them into your own style so that you can feel fresh and cool when you’re heading out with your friends.

Do turn to your friends for advice.

If you are feeling unsure about how an outfit makes you look, trust your friend to be honest with you (or find better friends) when you ask, “Hey, what do you think of this?” Friends’ reactions, or even what they’re wearing, are good for gauging if you look appropriate for where you’re going. If no one you’re going out with is wearing heels as high as yours, maybe you should ask their opinions or just consider throwing on flats instead.

Do have fun with your outfit and be confident!

This last one is going to be pretty cliche. The whole point of going out with your friends is to have a great night and make awesome memories. If you’re feeling anxious about what you’re wearing, there’s no way you will have as much fun as you could. If you want to make a splash, wear something bright.

If you want to feel sexy, wear something sexy. Just keep in mind some of the above suggestions, so that the memories you make are less, “Remember that time I wore that hideous outfit? UGH,” and more, “Remember that awesome weekend?!”

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