When your friends don’t like your boyfriend

Dating is a very personal thing, but sometimes friends fail to remember this. Friends love and care about each other very much and it makes sense that they want the best for their fellow friends.

However, some people tend to look at their friends’ boyfriends as if the guys were picked out of a lineup, comparing them to all the people they actually deserve to be with.

5-reasons-your-friends-dont-like-your-boyfriend-what-to-doSadly, the dating life just does not work that way. There will be times when the person you are dating does not live up to the expectations that your friends have for someone who should be with you.

This may be an awkward situation because friends are important in life and there is nothing more stressful than not being able to bring your boyfriend around your girlfriends.

It is possible to handle this situation without damaging friendships or relationships.


Simply talk to your friends. Find out what it is they do not like about him. Do not get defensive, but hear them out. Unless these, so-called friends, are not actually good friends at all, there is most likely a legitimate reason for why they do not like your man.

When a new relationship begins, it is easy to become blinded by puppy love and not notice his less desirable qualities. The reasons your friends do not like this guy may actually be reasons you do not want to hear.

Just remember: they are trying to be protective and good friends. If their intentions come from the heart, do not dismiss their concerns right away.

Talk to your man

Do not leave him out of the loop. He deserves to know that there is an issue because he may be able to help. It may be possible that he is doing something wrong and you’re both blind to it. Filling him in and talking it out may help to resolve the issue.

Maybe the solution is as simple as having him sit down with the girls to talk it out. If everyone acts mature, there is sure to be a way to work the issue out together.

Stay true to yourself

At the end of the day, you have to make your own decisions. Friends are entitled to their opinions but you are also entitled to date whomever you want.

It is okay to disagree with a friend and when it comes to personal things such as one’s dating life, different opinions about a personal relationship should never be a catalyst for drama. It is their job to try and protect you.

However, it is also their job to support and be loyal no matter what. So listen to your heart and a little bit of your brain too.

Ask for respect

There is no excuse for a friend to be rude or disrespectful towards someone you are dating no matter what. They are not the ones dating him and if he makes you happy, that is all that should matter to them.

It is natural for a friend to want the best for their fellow girlfriends but who is she to know what is best for anyone but herself. You are the only one who knows what is best for you.

If the case gets extreme, demand respect from them and if they are incapable of giving it, then maybe it is time for that friendship to end. One should not need the permission of their friends to be happy and fall in love.

Bottom Line

When friends hate your new boyfriend, it can feel as if you are being torn in two. If this is the case, do not drop the poor guy on the spot! The reasons for friends not liking a boyfriend can be legitimate or just plain silly. Hear your friends out before making any hasty decisions. Just remember, at the end of the day it is your life and your friends need to respect that.

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