Queries with Kyler: What if?

A war is raging for the rights of same-sex couples all over the United States. What if they do not get the rights they fight for? What if they do? Which side is right or wrong in this war over equality?

Beginning with the signing of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), same-sex couples faced a rough, uphill battle for equality in all aspects of life.

Signed into law by President Bill Clinton, DOMA was a federal restriction on marriage, making its legal definition a union between one man and one woman. With 12 states now allowing same-sex marriage, where is this country headed?

Currently, the U.S. Supreme Court is reviewing two cases, Hollingsworth v. Perry and United States v. Windsor. However, ruling on a case so controversial is difficult. Oral arguments over the cases were done on March 27, 2013 and a ruling is expected to come late June.

Major resistance to same-sex marriage comes from the majority position of, “marriage is an institution that has been around forever and should not be changed because of its long standing tradition.”

But how could Americans change a long standing tradition(s)? Oh, how the days will continue without interracial relations… wait, those days have long since been gone.

Marriage, a social institution created by humans, can have no “natural order” because Mother Nature, God or whatever higher power you’re inclined to follow, or believe in, had nothing to do with it; thus, arguments on same-sex marriage changing its “natural” ways are in invalid.

However, arguments on marriage for the sole purpose of procreation are (validated). Yes, its true(,) same-sex couples cannot have children amongst themselves, but with artificial insemination and adoption being viable sources for parenthood, does it matter?

Along the same line, some people believe that same-sex couples are not capable of being good parents. Some parties believe that having both parents would not be beneficial to the children.

Some people believe that gay parents make gay children, while others say that opposite-sex parents make homosexual children as well. Regardless, making a child gay is just impossible.

The notion of “making someone gay” implies that homosexuality is a choice, which is wrong. When was the last time you choose your sexuality?

Continuing the argument on choice of sexuality, the same people who fight against same-sex marriage are the same ones who make homosexual children, tell their homosexual children that they will cut them off for simply being themselves, or worse send their child to ex-gay ministries to “fix” their child.

This kind of therapy uses self-deprecation, hate and religion to reorient someone into a heterosexual lifestyle. It has been proven countless times that it doesn’t work as well as to show to have countless negative effects on one’s self.

Regardless of what heterosexual couples do to homosexuals, same-sex couples also create a higher chance for adoption and how is it not beneficial for children waiting to be adopted to have a higher chance of adoption?

Its also been proven, in a longitudinal study conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics, that children of lesbian parents rated higher in social, academic and total competence.

It was also found that they ranked lower with social problems, aggression, rule breaking, and externalizing problems. Meaning that the sex of the parents is irrelevant to the children’s development, instead it is more important how involved parents are in their child’s life.

Not only does DOMA prevent same-sex couples from marriage but it also hurts them legally, one of my personal reasons in the support of same-sex marriage.

Currently, only one of the parents of a same-sex couple can have full custody of a child. Same-sex couples cannot receive any of the 1,183 benefits granted to married couples such as tax discounts, health and medical benefits or rights to injured/sick partners.

What if your significant other was in the hospital and you had no way to show how you’ve been together for a large number of years in a committed relationship?

What if your child, or at least the child you have been raising for most of their life is in the hospital and you cannot gain access to them because you have no legal record of your parenthood?

In this current state, same-sex couples and their relationships are treated as second-class, and this needs to change.

Why is society treating a group of people as different than ourselves? What if we treat others with respect for something they cannot change? What if society as a whole was equal?

What if marriage rights are given to same-sex couples? What if I gain my rights to marry, how does this affect you in any way? Give us your opinion on same-sex marriage, why it should or should not be allowed?

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