Exercise 101: The Basics

Are you ready to improve your body image, have more energy, and reveal a better you? If you answered yes, then beginning an exercise program is your best bet to achieving your personal goals.

Exercise will help you reach your goals faster than any other weight loss trend, and you will gain many other health benefits along your journey.

Motivation_101Before beginning your workout routine it is important to understand how much you should be working out and at what intensity level you should perform your workout.

Most local gyms offer fitness assessments for free, which will allow you to better understand your level of fitness. If you prefer to assess yourself at home, websites like www.bodyrock.tv also offer fitness assessments, but they may be more strenuous.

Based on your assessment, set realistic goals to help keep you focused.

When you begin working out, there are four important parts of an exercise routine that you should consider.  Always begin any physical activity with a warm-up. Warm-ups should consist of light aerobic and dynamic movements like brisk walking and moving stretches that prepare your body for the stresses of exercise.

Cardiovascular activity is important to achieve your physical goals. Cardio should consist of aerobic activity that speeds up your heart rate. Exercises like running, biking, and swimming serve as sufficient cardiovascular activities.

Experts recommend performing cardio twenty to thirty minutes a day, four to five times per week. Strength training builds muscle, and is important to creating a toned physique. Exercises like pushups, squats, and crunches should be performed two or more times per week.

Body weight or light weights should be used when beginning a strength training routine, and you should be able to perform each exercise for eight to twelve repetitions.

Flexibility training should be the final anchor to your workout routine. “The American College on Exercise recommends doing slow, sustained static stretches three to seven days per week. Each stretch should last 10-30 seconds.”

There are plenty of tools available to aid you in your fitness journey, and it is important to find the right exercise routines for you. When it comes to starting a workout routine, you need to find enjoyable physical activities. If you have fun while exercising, you are more likely to stay on the path to a better you.

You can approach your new workout routine in a variety of ways. Finding a local gym is not a necessity to beginning your workout program, but it can be a good start. Invest time into finding an affordable gym that has everything you are looking for.

Many offer a variety of fitness classes everyday of the week that can be a fun alternative to running, walking, or machine-based strength training routines. Gym employees and personal trainers can also serve as useful tools. Don’t be afraid to ask them how to use specific machines or for workout suggestions.

Workout Videos and websites can also be very useful tools. These two options allow you to workout at home using little to no equipment.

Many videos offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels to accommodate a variety of individuals. They also give you the ability to find a type of workout that you enjoy without spending much money.

If you enjoy dancing, try Zumba fitness DVD’s or Dancing With the Stars’ variety of fitness videos. If you are looking for a more difficult strength training exercise, try videos by Jillian Michaels or Jackie Warner.

There are plenty of workout videos out there, ranging from boot camp workouts to calming yoga. Try them all to find your best fit.

Any persistent physical activity will benefit your body, but sticking to a consistent and challenging exercise routine will produce better and faster results. So instead of sitting on the couch, venture outside and explore.

Find activities you like and stick with them. Try a variety of exercise routines, and work your way up from beginner to expert. A fitter happier you is only a few steps away, take them.



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