Adam Levine’s new fragrance: success or fail?

Adam Levine has released a new fragrance and a commercial to go with it. After watching this commercial, rather than feeling like this was a good step for the Maroon 5 singer, I felt straight up confused.

nd.17489Levine starts out talking about how he hates celebrity fragrances. The rational being that he was “more involved and invested in the creation of his product than others are.”

He doesn’t like when celebrities make fragrances, however he (a celebrity) made one and because of how he created it, it is “great”. Seems to me that this is yet another way the well-known rock star is using his cockiness to boost his reputation.

In my opinion, this commercial felt like a tribute to hypocrisy.

While all of Levine’s comments contradicted themselves, the commercial’s imagery did not help clarify the message Levine was trying to send. Clips of Adam talking flicker between shots of someone on a motorcycle, to worn guitar cases, to the sexualization of two girls, to flowers and more shots of Levine (of course).

In other words, I think that this commercial was not a good decision on Levine’s part.  The dissociated images, and the contradictions in his voice over, make this seem like yet another celebrity trying too hard to sell his brand.

Rather than this being the down to earth, and everyday fragrance Levine seemed to be going for, it seems like a hoax.

Hopefully the colognes smell better than they sound and look in this commercial.

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