College Dating: Three affordable dates

So you finally worked up the courage to ask that cute girl who has been catching the eyes of all the guys on campus out on a date. One problem: you, my friend, are a broke college student.

Do not worry; there is no need to cancel on the girl of your dreams because dating on a college budget is possible! All it takes is a bit of thinking and a lot of creativity.

Low-cost ideas

A romantic picnic


Every girl, whether they will admit it or not, daydreams about a guy planning a romantic picnic for them. Boys it is time to step up! Find out what her favorite foods are and get into the kitchen. If cooking is not a great talent, asking for help in that department is okay.

Do not forget the dessert! Location is key. Make sure the ambiance is right and the view is romantic. A view of New York City at sunset will make a girl melt, a view of a busy highway with cars zooming by is a buzz kill.

Where ever the spot make sure there is a great view of the sky and stars when it gets dark to ensure a great date. Lay back with your crush and impress her by pointing out constellations and who knows maybe a shooting star will even help the date a little. So grab a soft and comfortable blanket, some Champagne and voilà!

A walk on the beach at sunset


There are two things girls love: when a guy genuinely gets to know her and sunsets. Take your crush on a walk and just talk to her. It is rare to meet a guy who is genuinely interested in getting to know a girl for who she really is.

Show her that there are still good guys out there! While on the beach, plan to build sand castles or play tick-tack-toe in the sand. Get creative; the smallest things can entertain a girl.

Plan the timing just right so that the sun sets while walking along the beach. She will not only be impressed with your eagerness to get to know her, but she will be baffled by the beauty of the sunset. If it is doable, take her out to a cafe once it gets dark and continue the casual chat over coffee.

A cuddly evening at home


Girls do not always need to be wowed by extravagant plans. Ditch the expensive restaurants and crowded movie theatres and turn your own space into a private date for two. Order take-out food or cook a meal together.

When dinner is over, snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie and eat popcorn or Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Not only is this a hell of a lot cheaper than going out to dinner and a movie, it is a much more personal option.

Cooking together presents the opportunity to be flirty and really get to know a person. Watching a movie in the company of one’s own living space is much more private and romantic. Home offers the chance to cuddle under a blanket without the inconvenience other moviegoers interrupting.


Dating does not have to be expensive. With a little imagination, there is no end to the amount of fun that can present itself. As long as you make the date intriguing, your crush will be more than impressed by your efforts.

Be inventive and show your date a good time and they will not even notice the lack of money being spent. Remember, extravagant and expensive gestures are not always necessary to impress a girl. Smaller gestures with a lot more thought behind them work just as well.

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