Factors to consider when choosing a Big Sister

For some pledges, the process of choosing a big sister can be extremely stressful.

This commitment is not only a new member’s first step toward becoming involved in her sisterhood, but her Big will influence her for the next four years and possibly her life.

Thoughts such as, “What if she doesn’t want me back?” or “How can I be sure she is the ONE?” can cloud a young member’s judgment, but by stepping back and following the simple guidelines, choosing a Big can be an easy and natural process.

Look for a Big Sis who complements you.

By “complements you,” I don’t mean to find a sister who tells you nice things about yourself. Instead, strive to find a big sister who possesses the qualities that you may be lacking.

For example, if you have an outgoing and carefree personality, a responsible and involved big sister may be right for you.

Even if you are drawn to a sister that seems to be “just like you,” many times this can cause conflicts down the road and finding someone who balances you out makes life a lot easier.

A Big Sis should be someone you look up to.

When choosing my big sister, I considered my options very closely.

I had good friends who were fun, loving and great to be around, but when it came down to it, I chose my Big because I respect her opinion.

When I needed advice, she was the first one I turned to and she gave me the perfect words of wisdom. When picking your big sister, you are not only choosing a best friend, but a role model.

Think about the qualities that each potential Big has and decide which one could be the best example for you.

Choose a Big who cares.

Look for someone who cares not only about you, but your sorority as well.

Choose a Big who will want to invest in you and your future in the house, someone who will guide you in all aspects of sorority life.

By getting involved in your house, you are able to get the most out of your Greek experience and you will become close to more sisters, so finding a big that encourages this is essential!

Find a sister who you can be yourself around.

When considering a potential big sister, remember that it’s about choosing whom you feel most comfortable with.

Search for a sister who makes you happy and is a positive influence in your life, not someone who could make you feel like you aren’t good enough.

You want to be able to be yourself and share everything with your Big!

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