Cruising on campus

Do you ride public transportation or the ever-erratic campus bus line, or do you opt to walk to school? Maybe you are into two-wheeling. Maybe you ride a bike or a scooter.

Perhaps, you’re a cool-dude or dude-ette, who shreds the sidewalk, throwing elbows as you slalom between students, on the way to campus dodging nosebleeds and broken bones.

Heck (if you’re like me), maybe, you find yourself shuffling/rotating between all three, depending on the day of the week, in an attempt to escape from the routine monotony, but moreso because (yes, there’s a point:) you don’t need to buy a car while you’re in school.

Here’s a list with a few reasons why:

You can save a ton of money.

Let’s be real: Gas is a high—real high! At almost four dollars a gallon, owning a car is becoming a luxury and keeping the tank full is getting more pricey.

Keeping up with the maintenance on a car is like trying to satisfy a lover, or lush, especially if it’s an older model. That may be harsh; for that I’m sorry. But who knows, you may not want such a frolicsome lover after all.

You may choose to go hybrid or something better. Who knows? You may choose to wait until the next attractive “big thing” comes strolling along: we’re talking about clean, alternative energy here people.  Get your minds out of the gutters and back on track.

By not having a car, you will cut down your monthly expenses of a car payment, insurance, and what it takes to operate and maintain the vehicle, which is more than most of us can afford. Do yourself a favor and save the hard-earned cash, scholarship and grant money for later when you need it, after graduation.

Going green is good for everyone.

It doesn’t matter where you live, it takes at least 20 minutes to go anywhere around a college town.  Whether you live five miles outside the city, downtown, or directly on campus, you’re still driving, only a little slower and mildly tempered, as you’re liable to get stuck in transitional traffic between classes, the morning/evening grind, and late-night owls on the prowl.

Some of these methods are faster than driving, at least in urban settings, and far more efficient, allowing you to go further on your own, and virtually for free. But if you’re concerned about your annual carbon footprint and excessive emission, then the “greener” options ought to entice you.

Ultimately, it’s up to you, but if your children and future generations are of concern to you, then walking, cycling, skating and etc. are cheaper and healthier alternatives. It’s beneficial to everyone around you.

Get in-shape: Move closer to campus and walk skate and cycle.

Two advantages are that you’ll become a better student and you’ll get in shape. Not to mention, that exercise stimulates the body and mind. It wakes you up as much as a cup of coffee does, but without the rigmarole of making it, the jitters that ensue after overconsumption, and the eventual fall into a comatose state or deep sleep.

Also, all of these alternatives (walking, skating, and cycling) constitute stamina-building aerobic exercise that expose you and your heart to prolonged physical activity making you a stronger, independent individual.

These alternatives/substitutes provide the added bonus of a lower body workout, and (after a prolonged period of activity), subsequently, an endorphin high that allows for better focus and concentration that translates to more efficient study habits and higher overall academic performance.

You have options: you can always walk, you can blade, or you can carve the cement jungle. Then there’s always the trusty two-wheeler bike – the one you can get one at the pawn shop for cheap. You can go all out and buy all the bells and whistles, and customize one with a frame, seat, pedals and corresponding components.

Whatever floats your boat, without sinking the ship—and by ship, I mean your wallet. Dudes and dudettes, get on that skateboard and shred. Or if you don’t want to sweat, you could ride the bus, just budget your time, as it operates in another dimension.

Ultimately, you could simplify your life significantly. And by you, I mean you and me. Together, we can ultimately learn to take out the excess and boil it down to the essentials. Save some bread, and break some with those closest to you!

As painful as that was, I was trying to convince myself and y’all, that a car isn’t necessary, but I still want one, and will be taking donations via Paypal, thank you – please contact for further details.

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