Overcoming the sorority girl stereotype

With the amount of well-rounded young women coming through recruitment each year and chapters implementing higher standards for philanthropy, scholarship and sisterhood, many people agree that the old stereotype of the “wealthy, self-centered, unintelligent sorority girl,” should be considered an ancient myth.

Unfortunately, sorority women cannot snap their fingers and erase this criticism, but they can set out to prove those challenging them wrong.

Here are a few ways to overcome the “sorority girl” stereotype and shine a light on the positive characteristics of sororities.

Prove that sisterhood is more than something you say during recruitment.

With competition between houses and stories of the previously mentioned “drama,” many sororities are viewed as a place to merely climb the social ladder.

When describing your house to others, focus on the support that your sisters give you and how you lift each other up in times of crisis instead of the social aspects of Greek life.

Solution: If your sorority seems to be a bit lacking in the “sisterhood department,” live out the sisterhood that you want to see in your chapter, you may spark a chain reaction!

Dare to be different.

Conformity is a major critique of the Greek system and it is up to current Greeks to turn that stereotype around.

Being in a sorority is about bringing out the best attributes in each other so you can come together as a successful whole.

Solution: Be proud of who you are as an individual and focus on the special quality you bring to your chapter.

Stay out of the drama.

No one wants to hear about “he said/she said” pointless stories about your sisters fighting.

People outside of the Greek community only hear about the turmoil that ensues when 100+ girls are confined to a small space, but don’t hear about all the positive attributes a sorority can bring.

Solution: Focus on philanthropy, sisterhood bonding, devotion to scholarship and more, when discussing sorority life with family and friends that are not involved in the conflict.

Think outside the box.

In general, young adults are known to get caught up in the “now” and forget to focus on the “big picture”. A negative view specifically of Greek students is that they are self-centered and tend take others for granted.

Solution: When you feel yourself getting upset over something insignificant, take a deep breath and take a moment to appreciate all that you have. Try putting yourself in another person’s place.

Broaden your horizons.

Who says that just because you are in a sorority that you can’t enjoy the other clubs and activities offered on your college campus? No one! It is actually the opposite.

By participating in other events outside of Greek life, you have more chances to prove that you are not the stereotypical “sorority girl” that others may initially believe you to be.

You can also learn more about who you are as an individual by meeting people outside of your standard social circle and of course, make new friends!

Solution: Get out of your comfort zone! Join a club, test your talents, and attend events that you usually wouldn’t.

College is about finding who you are and you can’t truly do that until you have explored the many different possibilities offered on your college campus.

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