The Point System: What Is It?

Many Greek organizations are structured through a point system.

Points are earned for good grades, community service, frequent attendance, and active participation within the sorority or fraternity.

Vice versa, points are lost when mandatory activities are not attended and a member is not actively involved in the organization.

Depending on the member, points have the ability to reap great benefits or reveal ugly consequences.

Gaining points is beneficial in many ways. From social opportunities to nit-picky things around the house, obtaining the required amount of points, or more, is rewarding. It allows eligibility to attend privileged events and run for an officer position.

Depending on the chapter, other rewards could include excused mail/door duty, excused chapter absences, or first pick for a parking spot.

Officers rarely have a problem getting points because of their good standing within the group.

The inability to participate can have many consequences.

If you have other commitments that dominate your weekly calendar, it will cause you to miss mandatory functions and because points require high maintenance, this can be very difficult for a busy student.

Non-Greek activities like work and school often require extra hours of work that coincide with the strict schedule of Greek membership.

As a result, missing chapter meetings, workshops and philanthropy events will have consequences. Among these are exclusion from social events, community service hours and fines.

Although documented excuses can be sent in for reasonable conflicts like class or sickness, it’s important to remember that points are not given, but earned.

The way you prioritize your organization will directly affect what you are rewarded with at the end and beginning of each semester.

The point system is a logical way to organize a sorority or fraternity. The purpose of such a system is to encourage the members to do more for their chapter by providing incentives.

This way, the individual members will gain from their participation and as a result, the sorority or fraternity will prosper.

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