Meet Nicole, Our Greek Life Writer

Name: Nicole Brown

School: Texas State University

Year: Junior

Major/Minor: Communications/Graphic Design

Sorority: Alpha Delta Pi

Favorite part of being a sorority sister: Having a home away from home.

Favorite memory of college (so far): Renting out a hotel room to celebrate a friend’s birthday party. It was so crowded and loud, I’m surprised we didn’t get kicked out!

Hobby: I love experimenting with food and trying different recipes.

Role Model: I have many role models, but my mom takes the cake. She accepts me for who I am and always inspires me to do more.

Celebrity Crush: John Krasinski

Guilty Pleasure: Hazelnut lattes

Favorite Movie: There’s too many to choose from, but I love a good sports movie!

The most exciting time of year: I love love love the Christmas season.

Inspiration: The outdoors

Describe yourself in three words: Empathetic, resourceful and perceptive

Tips for Prospective Sisters: In college, you’ll only regret the things you don’t try!

Plans for the Summer? I’m taking a trip to Italy with my classmates. Viva Italia!

Your favorite article you’ve written for University 101: How to Deal with Sorority Drama

Your experience writing for University 101: It’s been an enjoyable diversion from a busy college schedule and a very helpful way to get feedback on my writing skills!

Be sure to check out Nicole’s articles in our Greek Life section!


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