Online Classes

There are several factors of the online course that distinguish it from regular classes, and it’s these factors that cause students to wonder whether they should take them or not. For those who are at a crossroads, here’s a list of pros and cons to help you decide.


Time Flexibility
There’s no getting dressed and rushing across campus to reach lectures on time. You can login at your leisure whenever and wherever there is a computer and an Internet connection. They especially serve as great buffers if you’re trying to balance a job and other difficult classes.

Assignment Flexibility
Not only do the classes outline the semester’s agenda on the first day of class, but all of the material is available online. You can either complete assignments early, or postpone them for later.

Learning At Own Pace
By re-watching online lectures and thoroughly reading and reviewing class material, students have the option to spend as much time as they need in order to learn.

Unlike in a regular classroom, an online class can force every student to participate through email, forums and chat rooms. This way, you can experience a greater exchange of ideas and opinions that is rarely seen in-person.

Better Exam Experience
The tests of an online course are either easier or more convenient for students. If exams are taken online, they are generally open-book tests.

Prepares Students For Real-Life Situations
Outside of class, there is no concerned teacher to motivate and pressure you to get your work done. Online courses challenge students to test their own independence and self-discipline.


A class’s lenient flexibility can give rise to procrastination. Some classes have no deadlines until the end of the semester, and your work can pile up if you aren’t careful.

It’s up to you to learn the class material. A greater amount of willpower and organization is needed than a regular class, and a lack of motivation can be detrimental.

Socially Poor
While they may communicate via the Internet, students are alone in an online class. You won’t be able to meet your classmates, and rarely will you develop a relationship with your professor.

More Anxiety
Without meeting with a teacher, you may feel constant anxiety about the possibility of missing something. Also, you may not give the online class the attention it deserves, and be strained by an abrupt semester’s worth of work.

Technological Issues
Computer problems are a nightmare in any situation, but especially in an online class. A faulty Internet connection or a crashed computer can easily affect your entire grade.

Depending on you and your level of independence, online courses can be either easy or challenging. In the end, the biggest part of the decision lies not only in weighing the pros and cons, but in also in knowing your own strengths and weaknesses.

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